May 2020 in review: changing direction

Few sports are played in one direction. How fast you can change direction and move in multiple directions is often the different maker. In May our site theme was changing direction and agility. We put together 1 new video, 2 podcasts, and 9 articles from 12 contributors exploring how athletes change direction, how to train for that, and more.

In addition, many of our resources were related to Frans Bosch. His new book Anatomy of Agility comes out this week and you can preorder it in the HMMR Store. You can also find all our resources about Frans Bosch here.

Below you will find links to our new resources on the theme. As always, become a HMMR Plus Members to get complete access to all of the resources below, including the premium content in the HMMR Classroom.

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New video and podcasts
Motor learning archive

See our full archive on motor learning and Frans Bosch’s training methods.

Archived videos and podcasts