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About Our Blogs

The HMMR Media offer a wide range of training resources, commentary, and news about the throwing events from our hosted blogs. Martin Bingisser‘s blog offers a look at training for the hammer throw and other sports through his experience working with other world-class coaches. Olympians Kibwe Johnson, Jason Young and Sergej Litvinov Jr. write from their experience as athletes and coaches. The Spin with Nick Garcia writes from his perspective of one of the best high school shot put, discus, and strength coaches in the country. Strength and conditioning coaches Vern Gambetta and Bryan Mann combine their background in a variety of sports to tackle the most important topics facing the strength and conditioning community today.

Olympic sprinter Craig Pickering provides a sports science perspective on speed and power training, while Derek Evely combines his experience in many track and field events to guide coaches on training and planning. We also have added some viewpoints from the endurance community including post-collegiate coaches Danny Mackey and Jonathan Marcus.

HMMR Media also is the home of news and commentary on track and field. HS publishes news, results, and rankings for American youth hammer throwers. And The Editorial Page covers the sport and occasionally stirs the pot with commentary on the state of the throwing events and athletics.

Together the blogs form the best online resource for training and throwing.

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