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More About Porn and Throwing

My last post was a start on the comparison between porn, sex, and hammer throwing. The comparison continues here in part two. Who knew that throwing your hammer around and throwing a hammer would have so much in common!

Throwing and Porn: More In Common Than You Think

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, I recently returned from the USA Championships in Sacramento. It was great to see Kibwé come away with the win, even though I know his result was far less than he expects of himself. Something you may not know about Kibwé is that he is a big time track geek. He seeks out all results, live streams, TV broadcasts, anything track related he can get his hands on relating to the sport he loves . . . even the live chats on MacThrow, full of all the anonassholes . . . which leads me back to the whole title of this article.

Delhi: a recap of my worst meet of the year!

Well, the competition has come and gone, and I’m not going to lie . . . it sucked . . . Rephrase: my performance sucked (not meant as self deprecation, just matter of fact).  My fellow competitors were very encouraging, and I met some new friends, and it was wonderful to sing Oh Canada with Sultana atop the podium!  For me personally, however, it’s a rather frustrating way to end the season.  Not making the top 8 as the second ranked thrower in the Commonwealth is a huge let down.  When looking back on the competition, I truly don’t think I could have done much different.

True Training Volume

I used to think that high volume was German Volume Training, or other programs similar to that… Little did I know … Everyone told us that we were going to have to be patient with the transition moving here. We were told countless times that we might as well just treat it as a “throw-away” year. As Kibwe and I heeded these warnings we were still thinking to ourselves (quietly) that we would just have an average year. We never thought we would be down as much as we actually were.