Entries by Martin Bingisser

Rhode Island Class Championships Results

Monday’s Rhode Island Class Championships produce two new state leads, and boys and girls from across the state met up across three classes. Jacob Furland (Classical, Providence, RI) added another foot to his state lead in the Class B competition. It was also the top throw across all classes. Cameron Croce (LaSalle Academy, Providence, RI) threw a new best of 207’10” to win Class A. In the girl’s competition, Gianna Rao (Ponaganset, North Scituate, RI) also improved her state lead to win Class B by nearly 40 feet.

HMMR Podcast Episode 155: Island power (with Julian Robinson)

Jamaica is know around the world for the speed it produces, but their sprinters are not the only powerful athletes coming from the island. In recent years, Jamaica throwers have emerged as dominant forces in the shot put and discus. Coach Julian Robinson has helped lead the way, with his discus throwers sweeping gold and silver at the recent Commonwealth Games. On this episode he joins us to talk about the growth of Jamaica throwing, the throws culture, influences, and his own philosophy of training.

HMMR in Houston

We’re proud to announce our next seminar tailored specifically to training for the throwing events. On June 16th Nick Garcia and I will be presenting at Rice University in Houston. Through both classroom instruction and demonstrations, we’ll show you various ways to program for the heavy throws, share our training plans, walk participants through key exercises and progressions, and more. It willl be a great opportunity to learn and see first hand how to put a program together in a variety of ways.

GAINcast Episode 117: Moving, fast and slow

Movement is the foundational feature of sport. If you can’t move, you can’t play. Heck, it’s the foundational feature of life. Looking back at history, if you couldn’t move, you wouldn’t eat. On this episode of the GAINcast we talk about the basic principles of good movement, building better foundational movements, and helping athletes connect them through training progressions.

HMMR Podcast Episode 154: Force and velocity (with JB Morin)

Strength, power and speed are all related, but the relationship is more complex than it seems. Leading sports scientist JB Morin has dedicated his research to finding out more about the relationship, what coaches can learn from it, and how that can make training better. On this week’s episode of the podcast, he joins us to discuss force-velocity profiling, transfer of training, and many more aspects of getting faster.

Irv Black Invitational (CT) Results

Jacob Furland (Classical, Providence, RI) added a foot to his personal best in the fifth round on Friday at the Irv Black Invitational. Unfortunately, due to darkness, that was his final throw as the competition was stopped early. It was still enough for the win though, as it overtook Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI), who threw a new best for the second straight week. Annika Kelly (Barrington, RI) easily won the girl’s competition with another throw just under her best.

GAINcast Episode 116: Learning to learn

Learning is a journey akin to a mystery; you must follow your curiosity and see what it uncovers. Therefore it is impossible to tell you how to learn, but it is possible to share some best practices on learning. On this episode of the GAINcast, we share some our journeys in learning, what can make the learning process better and, as always, a few book reviews.

Centralia Hammer Meet 5 (WA) Results

A ten foot improvement by Ian Frost (Mary M. Knight, Elma, WA) was the highlight of the latest meet in the Centralia Hammer Meet series on Sunday. Frost improved his personal best to 215’00” in the competition, which is currently the second best throw in the nation. Along with Trey Knight (Ridgefield, WA), Washington throwers now hold the top two marks in the nation. Jordan Fong (Kentlake, Kent, WA) once again won the girl’s competition, where seven out of nine competitors threw a personal best.