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Centralia Hammer Meet 2 (WA) Results

The Washington outdoor season is start to kick off in earnest with the second meet in the Centralia Hammer Meet series last weekend. Leading the way was Jordan Fong (Kentlake, Kent, WA), who broke the state record with a new personal best of 177’1″. The adds more than a foot to the prior record set back in 2010 by Olivia Midles. In the boy’s competition Ian Frost (Mary M. Knight, Elma, WA) hit a season’s best and broke 200 feet for the first time this year en route to the win. Later in the day he also turned in a personal best with the collegiate 16-pound hammer.

HMMR Podcast Episode 146: Leg day

Strong legs are a critical factor in nearly every sport. And as the legs are involved in so many types of movements, there are many ways to train them too, both traditional and non-traditional. Some debates online recently have been critical of different training methods, so we thought it would be good to lay out our approach. On this episode we talk about how and why we use various training methods for legs, and how we progress and combine the methods.

GAINcast Episode 108: Counterculture (with Steve Myrland)

Sometimes changing culture is about taking baby steps; other times it is about creating a counterculture. Throughout his career in elite sport Steve Mryland started to realize his approach just didn’t match with the traditional strength and conditioning culture. So now he is walking the halls of his local high school tyring to start his own culture from the ground up. That means getting head coaches on board, redifing how his success is measured, repriotizing physical education, and addressing the unique physical and cultural problems inherint in coaching teenagers. On this week’s GAINcast we dive into those topics, as well as some thoughts on training youth athletes.

How John Pryor adapts training to culture

Over the past few years, perhaps no coach has influence my coaching more than John Pryor. Currently the head of strength and conditioning for Fiji rugby in the lead-up to next year’s World Cup, Pryor has decades of experience in the sport working for Japan, Australia, and top clubs in both countries. He has a unique ability to blend the art of coaching and sports science, and also objectively critique his own performance.

HMMR Podcast Episode 145: Culture shock (with Nick Hill)

When you arrive in a new situation, there can be a bit of culture shock. Even more so when it is half way around the world. Nick Hill did just that when he accepted a job to teach and coach in Chile several years ago. Throughout the journey he learned several things about getting athletes on board with your approach and developing a culture around it. That served him well in his recent return back to England as the head of athletic development at the Stowe School in England. On this episode we leverage that experience in a discussion about the process of change, how long it takes, and how it works.

USATF Hershey Youth Indoor Championship (NY) Results

New Balance Nationals wasn’t the only action taking place in New York this weekend. Down in Staten Island the USATF Hershey age-group championships were held on Saturday. One day before her win at the Armory, Javon Joyner (Norcross, GA) also took home the Hershey win, while Garrett Doyle (Lincoln, RI) won the oldest boy’s division. In the younger 15-16 year old division freshman Natalia Surdej (Lancaster, NY) set a meet record and Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) threw a personal best to win.

New Balance Nationals Indoors (NY) Championship Results

After the New Balance Nationals Indoor Emerging Elite competition on Friday, the nation’s top names came together to face off in the Championships competition on Sunday, including nine of the top 10 boys in the country and six of the top 10 girls. The podium also showed incredible geographic diversity with states like Oklahoma, Illinois and Washington in amongst the recent weight throwing powerhouses of Georgia, Rhode Island, Ohio, and New York.

New Balance Nationals Indoor (NY) Emerging Elite Results

Action at New Balance Nationals Indoor kicked off on Friday with the Emerging Elite competitions. In the boy’s competition Michael Shoaf (Rocky River, OH) had a back and forth competition with Derek Ferraro (Iona Preparatory, New Rochelle, NY). Shoaf led entering the final round, but a big personal best from Ferraro launched him from third into the lead. Shoaf then responded with his third personal best in the competition on the final throw to recapture the lead and the win. In the girl’s competition, sophomore Jackie Andrews (Lincoln, RI) led from start to finish with a personal best in the first round. Her mark of 50’1.25″ also moves her into the nation’s top 20.

GAINcast Episode 107: Culture in practice

Culture is a buzzword now in the sporting world, but the increased attention rarely leads to an in-depth discussion of what culture actually means, what it looks like in practice, and how you go about improving culture. The March theme on HMMR Media is culture and we hope to help create a deeper conversation, starting with this week’s episode of the GAINcast, where Vern draws on his decades of experience to explain examples of what does and doesn’t work in the world of culture, and how culture must be adapted to the situation.