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HSHammer.com partners with Runnerspace

HSHammer.com has partnered with RunnerSpace.com to put together a new and improved version of the site.  HSHammer.com has provided the nation with news, rankings, results, and other information about prep hammer throwing for the past decade.  None of that will change with the move.  Editor Martin Bingisser and statistician Bob Gourley will continue to provide […]

Light and Heavy Hammers (Continued)

I received a lot of feedback on my last post about using heavy and light hammers in training. One comment was from American record holder Erin Gilreath in her most recent blog post. After reading Erin’s comments, I still stand by my conclusions from the earlier post. However, I want to make a few clarifications.

Light and Heavy Hammers

As I mentioned recently, much of the time hammer throwers spend training is spent throwing a variety of hammers. While this may seem less than revolutionary, it surprises many people when I tell them that. They often think that the key to success is in the weight room, but it isn’t. Results are first obtained with technique and, consequently, throwing consumes a vast majority of my training group’s time at practice.

December Training Update

I’ve also had some great training sessions recently. I was able to toss a new personal best with the 5-kilogram hammer last week. With the 10-kilogram hammer I was only a foot off of my personal best. I’m well ahead of where I was last year at this time and even well ahead of where I was when I was throwing my best. As with last year, the key will be to transfer this success into the competition 7.26-kilogram hammer and to continue the success into the season.

IAAF Launches Hammer Throw Challenge

Today some more news has emerged about the hammer throw for next season. As I’ve discussed before, the hammer throw will not be included in the new IAAF Diamond League that begins next season. Instead, the hammer throw will be included at several second tier competitions, with the highest point winner at the competitions to receive an additional prize. Regulations have been drafted and more details will be available soon.

A Day in the Life

At last week’s speech to the Bellevue Overlake Rotary Club, I was asked a question that I’ve received a number of times before: what is a day in the life of a professional* hammer thrower. As you will see, what sounds like a glorious life is often monotonous. However, I am nevertheless thankful to have the opportunity to chase this dream and enjoy every day as much as the one before. Without further ado, here is a typical day in my life.