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Some life lessons

This morning on my walk I was thinking about what I have learned in my 74 years on this planet. Life has been good to be. There have been up and downs, but mostly I have been able to keep moving forward. Since I have more yesterdays than tomorrows, I find myself reflecting more. Here are my thoughts on life lessons from this morning’s walk.

Starting year 53

I just started my 53rd year of coaching. It’s been a journey, ups and downs but always moving forward, always learning and working to get better. What has sustained me has been the athletes I have been able to work with who inspired and continue to inspire me.

Training method evaluation

I have been getting many questions asking my opinion about various training methods that are being discussed online. Rather than comment specifically on each I will respond in a generic manner to help everyone develop their own universal filter.

Perspectives on leadership

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to develop professionally. Join us for the January GAIN Master Class. This month topic is “Perspectives on Leadership.” The presenters will me, Martin Bingisser, Paul Davis of the Atlanta Braves and Brian Fitzgerald of Ventura college. Each will present a unique perspective on leadership with an emphasis on lessons they have learned and concepts you can apply to improve your leadership.

What is your lens?

What is your lens? Each of us has a preferred lens to view an exercise, a specific movement or to evaluate a training method. Our preferred lens will bias our interpretation of what we see. For example, when I look at running, I immediately default to look at certain aspects of the stride. Over the years I have had to train myself to recognize this and to have an adjustable lens that is adaptable.

Two decades into the new millennium . . . what’s going on?

WARNING – This is not about sports or training. Although it is important to remember that sport does not exist independent of society. If you are looking for a challenge, an opportunity to change your life and the lives of others then read this post. If you want to read another pollyanna post on how the worst is behind us and we will have a happy new year, then stop – don’t read this. I want to challenge you, like I am challenging myself to help make the world a better place by recognizing and acknowledging what must be changed NOW. Not ten years from now, but NOW!

Vern Gambetta’s top books of 2020

2020 has been a good year for reading. I wanted to keep my top book selection to ten but ended up with twenty. It was just too hard to select. I love to read. My reading is fairly eclectic certainly venturing far outside of sport and training. This past year I read 137 books. I never set out to read a certain number, in fact I don’t count then number until after Christmas. I ranked the first ten after careful thought, numbers eleven to twenty are in random order. I will probably do a podcast or something on social media to talk about each of the books.

Figuring it out

From the time I was a kid I have been curious, always trying to figure things out. My first recollection of figuring things out may in retrospect have set me on the path to being a coach. In 1954 I was seven years old. My parents allowed me to go to the California theater in […]