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Working on landing as an isolated skill is probably misdirected work. Here is my thought process – aside from long jump, final jump in the triple jump and landings in gymnastic where sticking the landing is part of the judged routine, seldom if ever is landing a terminal action.

Space and time

Learning to effectively use space and time is what enables you to perform in the competitive arena. The concept of space is quite simple – you must recognize space, learn to create it, exploit it, deny space, expand it or contract it. In an individual sport  space is the time between steps and strokes.

The vote: a personal story

It was spring 1968. I was a young idealistic 21-year-old student at Fresno State in the second semester of my senior year. I was a social science major. The Fresno community and Fresno State were very conservative, in many ways isolated and insulated from the turmoil that was growing in spring of 1968. There were no protests. Fraternities and sororities were big.

Win the workout

A cornerstone of my system is winning the workout. Winning the workout consists of high-quality work done with intent and purpose. Remember that quality is a measure of perfect. The goal is always high-quality work coupled with perfect effort looking toward preparation for competition. We always aim to own the finish.

The training log

The training log is perhaps the most underused and underrated tool in making the athlete better. I have kept a training log since my junior year in high school – 57 years. Why, because we had a pro football player from the Dallas Cowboys come and speak to us and one of the things, he emphasized was writing down your workout. It made sense, so I started.

What’s next?

What’s next? The simple answer is: who knows? People are talking about a new normal, what does that mean? I think each of us needs a deeper understanding of what got us into this dilemma. Certainly, all this chaos and adversity can represent an opportunity. Whether or not it is an opportunity depends on each and every one of us looking deep within ourselves, to be the best we can be, to focus on love, peace and togetherness. It can be done; it has been done.

Announcing the GAIN Master Class Series

GAIN is a community of professionals eager to learn and willing to share ideas and information. This year was to be the thirteenth edition of GAIN at Rice University in June but the Covid 19 pandemic has forced a change in plans. We know we can’t recreate the unique live GAIN experience, instead we have created a whole new learning experience that takes advantage of the connectivity of the internet. I have always believed that adversity is opportunity in disguise. This is an opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and present a unique educational experience in an interactive format – the GAIN Master Class.