Training Talk with Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk

I’ve done training talks with dozens of the best coaches and athletes around the world. But while I talk to him often about training, I have yet to sit down for a training talk with the one man that has influence my thoughts on training the most: my coach for ten year Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk. Part of the reason is that I am now more interested in learning new viewpoints. Another reason is that answering the same old questions can frustrate the old man. But with the help of Yosef Johnson and Jake Jensen I was finally able to get him on the record about some questions are of interest to myself and should be of interest to coaches from any sport.
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Training Talk with Steve Roush

Steve Roush is the former Chief of Sport Performance for the United States Olympic Committee. In that role he oversaw a record medal count for Team USA at the Beijing Olympics. Currently he works as a senior sports performance consultant for TSE Consulting. In this role he advises sports organizations and governmental agencies in improving elite athlete performance by providing strategic advice in areas such as: Athlete Development Pipeline, High Performance Planning, Olympic Games preparation consultation and Evaluation of sports performance systems. Having worked with federations and governments of many countries across the globe, Steve is in a good position to see what works and what doesn’t in sports organizations. I had a chance to talk with him recently about these points. Read more

Training Talk With Dave Tenney (Part 2)

Earlier in the week we posted part one of a training talk with Dave Tenney, the Sports Science and Performance Manager for Seattle Sounders FC. In the first part we focussed on his philosophy on sports-specific training and how he implements that in training. In this final part we continue the discussion and also dive into topics like individualization, and both the state of the sport and the role of strength and conditioning in it. Read more

Training Talk With Dave Tenney (Part 1)

The strength and conditioning community in Seattle has grown considerably since I moved away in 2008, so when I finally make it back to town my agenda is full of visits to different coaches and gyms. On my trip to Seattle in December I had one name high on my list to visit: renowned soccer strength and conditioning coach Dave Tenney. Read more

Another Training Talk with Jüri Tamm (Part 3)

In this final part of our training talk with Jüri Tamm we turn to another important topic: the health of our sport. As a former hammer thrower, Tamm has a deep love for the hammer throw. He is intimately involved in the politics of our sport and well positioned to analyze the precarious position we are in and provide some insight on how we can improve the position of the sport. Currently Tamm is the chief of staff for Sergey Bubka. In addition to being setting 35 world records as a pole vaulter, Bubka now serves as president of the Ukranian Olympic Committee, a member of the IOC Executive Board, and senior vice president of the IAAF. It is widely expected that he will soon announce his candidacy for the IAAF presidency. In working with Bubka, Tamm is well connected to the changes happening in athletics and the Olympic movement. Read more

Another Training Talk with Jüri Tamm (Part 2)

We began our second training talk with two-time Olympic medalist Jüri Tamm. After discussing training methods and training as an older athlete, we now turn our focus towards hammer throwing and technique. Stay tuned for more later in the week and in the meantime you can read more in our previous interview from a few years ago.
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Another Training Talk with Jüri Tamm (Part 1)

tamm_suitI’ve had the chance to talk with many elite athletes and coaches for this blog, but hands down my favorite interview was with two-time Olympic medalist Jüri Tamm several years ago. We had a wide ranging discussion about the decline of Soviet dominance, talent identification, technique, training, and many other topics. But what made it so interesting is that I knew so little about him before we met. When he told me he would be in Switzerland again recently, I took a three hour train ride just to meet him for a coffee.
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Training Talk with Marcel Lomnicky

A former world junior bronze medalist, Marcel Lomnicky took a leap of faith and moved from his native Slovakia to America in 2009 to chase his dream of repeating that success at the senior level. In his first year at Virginia Tech he was the NCAA champion and he has improved steadily every season since. In the past two years he has come close to that goal by making the finals at the World and European Championships. This year he consistently placed on the podium in the European circuit and set a new personal of 79.16 meters.

But perhaps more impressive than his results is the fact that he is self-coached, a rarity among world-class throwers. He has been writing his own training programs and also coaching himself technically since the 2011. Already in his first year he made a breakthrough and qualified for his first World Championships. I’m contemplating my own future in the sport and will likely embark on writing my own training plan next year as an experiment. Therefore I wanted to pick Marcel’s brain on how he has made it work so well.

For more information on Marcel, check out his webpage, where he offers coaching, video analysis, and an insider’s newsletter. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.
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Training Talk with Tom Myslinski (Part 3)

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Eventually all talks have to come to an end. After chatting with NFL strength coach Tom Myslinski about his influences, training for football, special strength, and utilizing training feedback, we had to wrap things up. For the final part of the conversation we discussed new sports science trends in and some important training variables he sees. Check it out below along with links to the past two parts of the interview. Read more

Training Talk with Tom Myslinski (Part 2)

Enjoy this training talk? Become a member to read more in-depth chats with top coaches from a variety of backgrounds like Dan Pfaff, Vern Gambetta, Derek Evely, Gary Winckler, Joel Jamieson and many more.

Earlier this week we began a training talk with NFL strength coach Tom Myslinski of the Jacksonville Jaguars. To start off the conversation he talked about his influences and how he has adapted them to American football. Today we continue with part two, where he talks about the role of special strength training in the programs he creates for athletes. He also provides insight on what feedback he gathers to optimize training for his athletes. Read more