Current reading

These are the books I am currently reading, rereading, and  reviewing. I usually read about six books at a time, sometimes more, seldom less. I love to read. My reading interests are broad and varied. I am finding myself going back and rereading many works that I have read over the past few years. I seem to get more out of them on the second read. Read more

Coaching advice

Here are some bits of advice that I have received in my coaching career that I found especially helpful: Read more

Minimum effective dose: buyer beware

I have been reading about and hearing more about determining the minimum effective dose in training. What concerns me is that the emphasis seems to be on minimum. Is this another step toward developing the adapted fragile athlete? Read more


Working on landing as an isolated skill is probably misdirected work. Here is my thought process: aside from long jump, final jump in the triple jump and landings in gymnastic where sticking the landing is part of the judged routine, seldom if ever is landing a terminal action. Read more

Space and time

Learning to effectively use space and time is what enables you to perform in the competitive arena. The concept of space is quite simple – you must recognize space, learn to create it, exploit it, deny space, expand it or contract it. In an individual sport  space is the time between steps and strokes. Read more

The vote: a personal story

It was spring 1968. I was a young idealistic 21-year-old student at Fresno State in the second semester of my senior year. I was a social science major. The Fresno community and Fresno State were very conservative, in many ways isolated and insulated from the turmoil that was growing in spring of 1968. There were no protests. Fraternities and sororities were big. Read more

Daily observation

I got this from Jimmy Radcliffe at University of Oregon. Every session during warmup it is imperative to observe and evaluate the following:

  • Posture
  • Balance
  • Stability
  • Mobility

Read more

Win the workout

A cornerstone of my system is winning the workout. Winning the workout consists of high-quality work done with intent and purpose. Remember that quality is a measure of perfect. The goal is always high-quality work coupled with perfect effort looking toward preparation for competition. We always aim to own the finish. Read more

The training log

The training log is perhaps the most underused and underrated tool in making the athlete better. I have kept a training log since my junior year in high school – 57 years. Why, because we had a pro football player from the Dallas Cowboys come and speak to us and one of the things, he emphasized was writing down your workout. It made sense, so I started. Read more


For every exercise, drill, and training session there are intended consequences and unintended consequences. Read more