What’s next?

What’s next? The simple answer is: who knows? People are talking about a new normal, what does that mean? I think each of us needs a deeper understanding of what got us into this dilemma. Certainly, all this chaos and adversity can represent an opportunity. Whether or not it is an opportunity depends on each and every one of us looking deep within ourselves, to be the best we can be, to focus on love, peace and togetherness. It can be done; it has been done. Read more

Announcing the GAIN Master Class Series

GAIN is a community of professionals eager to learn and willing to share ideas and information. This year was to be the thirteenth edition of GAIN at Rice University in June but the Covid 19 pandemic has forced a change in plans. We know we can’t recreate the unique live GAIN experience, instead we have created a whole new learning experience that takes advantage of the connectivity of the internet. I have always believed that adversity is opportunity in disguise. This is an opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and present a unique educational experience in an interactive format – the GAIN Master Class. Read more

But can you coach?

You have graduated with a degree in exercise science, you got you masters in exercise Bioenergetics and were a GA in the weight room at State U working with a leader in the field, Benjamin J. Bicep. You have done three internships with professional teams. You have every certification offered so that you have more letters after your name that letters in the alphabet. You know the Krebs cycle forward and backward, you can tell me the how the fascicle length changes with each exercise. Read more

Dealing with change

We are living in a time of unprecedented change which gives us great opportunity to grow and adapt. There are two choices: 1) react to change; or 2) manage change and own it. Read more

Sample leg programs from Vern Gambetta

On this week’s GAINcast expands on my vintage Legs, legs, legs video and looks at training the legs. We wanted to include some sample programs to give an idea how the parts can be put together. Read more

My learning milestones

I have been thinking lately on who and what shaped and influenced my ideas over the years. It has been a process of searching for knowledge to get better at getting better. These reflections make me realize how fortunate I have been in my life to be in the right place at the right time. The foundations for this journey was laid by my parents and the education I received in parochial elementary and high school where we were taught to think. It goes without saying that the athletes and colleagues I have been able to work with were also a constant source of learning for me. Read more

Identifying training porn

Training porn is seductive and addictive. In this difficult time when we are stuck online there is more training porn that ever. Here are few thoughts to filter out the porn from the useful information. Look for good information that makes sense. Read more


Looking at shapes will give you a different perspective on viewing, analyzing and effecting change in movement. Look closely at the shapes your athlete must make in the course of performing in their sport. Then look at the shapes they can make. Then look at what they have to do to reconcile the shapes they have to make with the shapes they can make. Read more

Easter thoughts

Obviously with the lockdown I have had more time to think, to think about the past and the future after we emerge from this. It seems that more often than not my thoughts turn to family, my wife and children. I think a lot about my parents who passed away thirty years ago. I think of how they would reacted what they would have done. I think of how their love and sacrifices gave me the life that I have. Most importantly they give and continue to give me, and my family is the gift of love. Read more

Sample weekly plan for circuit training

On this week’s GAINcast we discussed constructing circuits. Below is an example of how we would plan three circuit training days a week for swimmers during a strength endurance phase. Read more