Chet Diemidio – A great coach

I received word on Saturday that Chet Diemidio, a great friend and coach had passed way. Fortunately, I was able to speak to him last Wednesday. I called him from Zurich Switzerland because I got word, he did not have many days left. His last words to me were “I love you.” Chet was an amazing man. He started coaching with the White Sox the same year I did in 1987 after a career as a Philadelphia policeman. He continued to coach up to four years ago when he was well into his eighties. Chet would get the complex between 4:30 and 5:00 am every morning to workout. He had a strict routine that he followed accompanied by the songs of Frank Sinatra played on a cassette tape recorder. Read more

Where did all this come from?

I was inspired by two events to write this post:

  1. Preparing a presentation on the evolution of the Gambetta Method- GAIN System.
  2. Watching the Ken Burn documentary series on country music  that over eight episodes spanning sixteen hours attempted to define the genre of country music.

Read more

What is functional training?

Functional training is training that incorporates a full spectrum of training methods, designed to elicit optimum adaptive response appropriate for the sport or activity being trained for. Read more

Current reality

The Woodstock remembrance and anniversary of Apollo 11 spurred me to think about changes – then versus now. It certainly is a different world today! Read more

Achievement triangle

Each year I post this. It is my attempt to delineate the process that an athlete must grow through to be a peak performer. It is a process where many are called, and few chose to get beyond the comfort zone. The key here is that it is a matter of personal choice and forming habits that enable excellence in all aspects of life, not just sport. Read more

Know history

It is imperative to know history. Toynbee certainly was spot on when he said that those that ignore history are condemned to repeat it. Read more

Action now!

Do not trivialize – do not try to pick the fly shit out of the pepper. Read more

Training is cumulative

Think Long-Term – Training is cumulative, it takes time to adapt & proper timing of the training stimulus. Read more

The circuit training rule book

Circuit training can be a vital tool in developing athletes. Many years ago I put together a DVD on circuit training, which is now available for streaming by HMMR Plus members. My approach to circuit training has certainly changed over my career, but some of the basic goals, principles, and construction guidelines remain unchanged. Below are the key points I highlight in the video before demonstrating some of my favorite circuits. Read more

Simple training rules

12 simple rules for training: Read more