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Learn from the experienced HMMR Media team though both online and in-person courses designed to give you a deeper understanding of both theory and practical applications to your sport.


In-depth videos covering the theory and practice of training, exclusive for HMMR Plus Members.

Lesson 1: The Basics

A detailed look at concept of transfer of training and how it is put together in Bondarchuk’s periodization method.

Lesson 2: Warming Up

A look at the seven components of Nick’s head-to-toe standard warm up with a demonstration on each movement, plus two quick alternative warm up variations, and a written overview of all exercises.

Lesson 3: Periodization & Planning Trends

Martin Bingisser and Vern Gambetta take a detailed look back at the history of periodization and current trends in the area of planning.

Lesson 4: Multi-Jumps

Ideas on how to integrate jumping into training, how to progress movements, and demonstrations of key exercises.

Lesson 5: Medicine Ball Routines

Four key medicine ball routines to help develop coordination and explosiveness.

Lesson 6: Basic Speed

Top youth sprint coach Joe McNab demonstrates speed, acceleration, and start drills to help improve sprinting mechanics.

Lesson 7: Robust Running

Field sports athletes need to have the ability to maintain sprint mechanics in a variety of situations and positions. Elite rugby coach John Pryor walks through his approach and demonstrates exercises he uses to develop robust running.

Lesson 8: Hammer Throw Technique (coming in May)

Breaking down the essentials of hammer throw technique and common problems that throwers encounter.

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