August 2017 Happy Hour: Accelerating the Hammer

For the August 2017 Happy Hour, we discussed accelerating the hammer and heard the input from special guests Sergej Litvinov and Kevin McMahon. Topics included:

  • Sergej Litvinov explains his approach to accelerating the hammer and the differences between active and passive acceleration.
  • What makes hammer different than other throwing events and how does that impact acceleration strategies?
  • Accelerating the hammer as a beginner vs. as an experienced athlete.
  • The limitations of language and the need for independently-minded athletes.
  • Kevin McMahon describes his approach to accelerating the hammer.
  • Chasing a feeling and how you know when you’ve found it.
  • Finding freedom for the hammer.
  • Litinov’s thoughts on the best technique among current throwers.
  • How Yuri Sedych described his best throws.
  • The impact of orbit on acceleration.
  • How much can/should you push the hammer?
  • How early should you establish connection with the hammer in the winds and start accelerating?
  • The impact of entry on acceleration.
  • Teaching beginners to throw and accelerate the hammer.


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