December 2018 Hangout: Warming up

In this month’s hangout we look at warming up from a few different angles with four of our authors: Carrie Lane, Mike Bahn, James de Lacey, and Martin Bingisser. Topics included:

  • Warming up for winter sports.
  • Routine, culture, and warming up.
  • Comparing warmups within track and field event groups.
  • Warming up too much, and avoiding dependencies in warming up.
  • Warming up in a team (rugby) environment.
  • Integrating sprinting and speed work into the warm up.
  • Aligning competition and training warm ups.
  • Designing warm ups for unique competition environments, and making the warm up (and athlete) adaptable.
  • The role of adrenaline in competition warm ups.
  • Bringing focus through the warm up.
  • A detailed look at rugby warm ups.
  • Making warmups fun, and advantages/disadvantages of integrating games into warming up.
  • Letting athletes individualize warm ups and take ownership.
  • The role of team culture in warming up, and learning from an athlete’s motivation to train.


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