February 2019 Hangout: Plyometrics and Jumping

In this month’s hangout we look at plyometrics and jumping with a group of top coaches including René Sack, Vern Gambetta, Chris McCormick, and more. Topics covered:

  • Plyometrics for bigger athletes and adapting plyometrics for athlete size.
  • Volume and the power of fewer contacts.
  • Testing ideas from German throws.
  • Making jumps more specific for different events (e.g. hammer throw, discus, hockey, beach volleyball, etc.).
  • Integrating plyometrics into technical training.
  • Examples from Jimmy Radcliffe: progressions and task-relevant cueing.
  • Barefoot jumping and jumping surfaces.
  • Plyometrics in a team setting and group athletes appropriately.
  • Adding variation and chaos to jumps, and using bands with jumping.
  • Factors to consider in landing.
  • Transfer of training and plyometrics.
  • Transfer of performance between different types of jumps (one leg, two leg, with step, etc.).
  • Plyometric training as a conversation stater with athletes.
  • Countermovement jumping as a monitoring tool and adjusting training based on results.
  • Plyometrics for endurance athletes.
  • The role of strength in preparing for plyometrics and adjusting plyometrics based on strength.
  • Plyometrics for swimming.


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