January 2020 Hangout: Training trends

In this month’s hangout we look at recent training trends and where we see the future of training heading. HMMR Media founder Martin Bingisser and site contributor René Sack led the conversation, and were joined by other members. Topics covered:

  • Increasing coaching staff collaboration, the risks of specialization, and managing silos
  • Progress isn’t always about moving forward, it can be about filling in the gaps.
  • Going beyond the numbers.
  • Gymnastics, physical education, and general movement skills.
  • Evolution of our own training programs and balance of general and specific work.
  • Comparing technical progress in the shot put with stagnation in the hammer throw.
  • What is holding German hammer throwing back, and potential technical developments in the hammer.
  • Getting strong without sacrificing athleticism and speed.
  • Finding ways to measure and quantify the immeasurables.
  • Positives and negatives of GPS in training.
  • Proactive vs reactive use of technology and finding the right training volume and quality.
  • Knowing your athletes and developing a coaching connection.
  • Strategies for managing egos, motivating young athletes, and training group dynamics.


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