July 2017 Happy Hour: Bondarchuk for Team Sports

For the July 2017 Happy Hour, we discussed applying Bondarchuk’s periodization concepts to team sports. Topics included:

  • Where Bondarchuk’s methods could provide help to team sports.
  • The difficulties in adapting Bondarchuk’s complex periodization methodology to a team sport.
  • Nick Garcia’s experience applying Bondarchuk’s concepts outside of track and field.
  • General issues coaches face when taking an individual sport methods to a team sport environment.
  • Defining specific strength for team sports.
  • How to plan when on-field activity is not under your control.
  • Melding Bosch and Bondarchuk.
  • Training in season vs. out of season.
  • Measuring “sport form” in a complex sport.
  • Thoughts from Derek Evely on how other Bondarchuk methods (e.g. complex-variation method) can be good options.


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