Lesson 19: Wrestling (with Andy Stone)

In this 62-minute lesson, wrestling coach and PE teacher Andy Stone discusses how to introduce concepts from wrestling into training, with examples of games to use as well as other training ideas we can take from the sport, including tumbling and grip strength training.

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Topics Covered

Lessons from wrestling

23 minutes

  • Lessons from wrestling
  • Defining conditioning
  • Learning to handle the ground
  • Getting started with gymnastics and rolling
  • Transfer and specificity
Wrestling games

19 minutes

  • Examples of wrestling games
  • Standing games and kneeling games
  • Additional variations
  • Tips, safety considerations, and mental setup
  • Training design and duration
Additional topics

18 minutes

  • Training grip strength
  • Training neck strength
  • Making training enjoyable
  • Handling fear
  • Mental toughness
  • Mental and emotional skills training


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