Lesson 23: Feedback, instructions, and constraints in coaching (with Kevin Becker)

In this 70-minute video lesson, Professor Kevin Becker from Texas Woman’s University helps provide coaches tips on how to coach better by learning from the latest research on effective feedback, cueing, and using constraints in training.

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Topics Covered


22 minutes

  • The purpose of feedback
  • Effective feedback: the why
  • Effective feedback: the how
  • Effective feedback: the what
Attentional focus

20 minutes

  • Attentional focus: external vs. internal focus
  • Attentional focus: external focus in detail
  • Attentional focus: alternatives strategies
  • Attentional focus: flow state
Improving technique

28 minutes

  • Improving technique: strategic continuum
  • Improving technique: manipulating constraints
  • Additional questions
  • Key takeaways


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