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Sprinting and jumping
Lesson 4: Multi-jumpsIdeas on how to integrate jumping into training, how to progress movements, and demonstrations of key exercises.
Lesson 6: Basic speed (with Joe McNab)Top youth sprint coach Joe McNab demonstrates speed, acceleration, and start drills to help improve sprinting mechanics.
Lesson 7: Robust running (with John Pryor)Field sports athletes need to have the ability to maintain sprint mechanics in a variety of situations and positions. John Pryor walks through his approach and demonstrates exercises he uses.
Lesson 15: Hip lock (with Frans Bosch)Frans Bosch explains hip lock, how to address it in training, and walks through training examples.
GAIN Video 6: Proprioceptive plyometrics (with Vern Gambetta)Vern Gambetta shares his approach to plyometric training in his full-length DVD on the topic.
GAIN Video 8: Total speed (with Vern Gambetta)Vern Gambetta shares his concept of training linear and multi-directional speed in his classic DVD.
GAIN Video 12: Agility fundamentals (with Jimmy Radcliffe and Vern Gambetta)Jimmy Radcliffe shares practical drills to teach change of direction mechanics and the fundamentals of agility.
Athletic development
Lesson 2: Warming upA look at the seven components of Nick Garcia’s head-to-toe standard warm up with a demonstration on each movement, plus two quick alternative warm up variations, and a written overview of all exercises.
Lesson 5: Medicine ball routinesFour key medicine ball routines to help develop coordination and explosiveness.
Lesson 8: Lifting for runners (with Carrie Lane)A guide on why and how to implement a strength routine for distance runners with coach Carrie Lane.
Lesson 12: Mini-band exercise library (with Steve Myrland)Steve Myrland demonstrates essential mini-band exercises.
Lesson 13: Leg circuitsExamples of five intense leg circuits and progressions to develop strength away from the barbell.
Lesson 18: Long term athlete development (with Steve Myrland)Steve Myrland discusses the challenges currently facing youth coaches and his approach to youth athletic development.
Lesson 19: Wrestling (with Andy Stone)Wrestling coach Andy Stone looks at how to introduce concepts from wrestling into training, with examples of games to use as well as other training ideas we can take from the sport.
Lesson 20: Rethinking core training (with Leigh Egger)Find a new twist on traditional exercises by rethinking the function of the core and how to focus on that in training.
Lesson 21: Rebuilding the foundation (with Steve Myrland and Jack Skille)A look at the offseason training approach and methods used by an NHL veteran and his coach.
Lesson 22: Leg Concepts to PracticeTracy Fober, James Marshall, and Donie Fox discuss how to take foundational leg concepts and put them into a plan.
GAIN Video 1: Sticks and straps (with Steve Myrland)Former NCAA and NHL strength coach Steve Myrland explains and demonstrates how simple tools like sticks and straps can be used to develop strength and mobility.
GAIN Video 2: Assessing trainability (with Randy Ballard)The University of Illinois Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine explains their process for assessing sports-specific trainability of incoming and continuing athletes.
GAIN Video 5: Warming up (with Vern Gambetta)Vern Gambetta shares his approach to creating both general and sport-specific warmups in his full-length DVD on the topic.
GAIN Video 7: Foundations of movement and rhythm (with Greg Thompson)PE teach Greg Thompson shares the foundations of physical education, teaching rhythmic movements, plus examples of PE games and student created movements.
GAIN Video 9: Circuit Training (with Vern Gambetta)Vern Gambetta shares his approach to circuit training, including descriptions and demonstrations of different types of circuits including basic circuits, fitness circuits, and advanced circuits.
GAIN Video 10: Medicine ball training (with Vern Gambetta)Vern Gambetta’s approach to medicine ball training, with demonstrations of more than 75 exercises training the whole body.
GAIN Video 11: Legs, legs, legs (with Vern Gambetta)Vern Gambetta’s approach to training the legs, with demonstrations of more than 75 exercises training the legs.
GAIN Video 13: Teaching movement and rhythm (with Greg Thompson)PE teach Greg Thompson gives two practical demonstrations of how to teach locomotor patterns and rhythm.
GAIN Video 14: Embracing shapes and manipulation (with Grace Golden)Physiotherapist Grace Golden looks at how to embrace shapes and manipulate shapes to achieve repetition without repetition on the rehabilitation setting.
Coaching, planning, and periodization
Lesson 1: The Basics of BondarchukA detailed look at concept of transfer of training and how it is put together in Bondarchuk’s periodization method.
Lesson 3: Periodization & planning trends (with Vern Gambetta)Martin Bingisser and Vern Gambetta take a detailed look back at the history of periodization and current trends in the area of planning.
Lesson 11: Understanding adaptationJohn Kiely dissects how the body adapts to training and how that impacts planning.
Lesson 14: Lessons from master coachesUsing case studies to identify three basic principles of training seen over and over in the work of master coaches.
GAIN Video 3: Team building (with Clay Erro)Top high school football coach Clay Erro explains his philosophy of team building and what that looked like over decades of experience.
GAIN Video 4: Lessons from the Sydney Roosters (with Lachlan Penfold)High performance director Lachlan Penfold explains the process and training plan that led the Sydney Roosters to the 2013 NRL title.
Lesson 9: Specific strength exercises for throwingNick Garcia and Martin Bingisser demonstrate their favorite specific strength exercises for throwing and discuss how to construct exercises and integrate them into training.
Lesson 10: Hammer throw techniqueA look at the core elements of hammer throw technique and how to train them.
Lesson 16: Specific strength framework for throwing (with René Sack)German national discus coach René Sack shares his framework for developing specific strength in the throwing events along with video examples from training.
Lesson 17: Rotational throwing progressionsNick Garcia shares and demonstrates his teaching progressions for rotational shot put and discus.

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