March 2018 Hangout: Fixing culture

For the March 2018 Hangout, we examine some culture issues we are facing with our teams and share experiences on making them better with guests Martin Bingisser, Mike Bahn, Nick Hill, and James de Lacey (Austin Elite Rugby). Topics included:

  • Having a shared vision and shared beliefs to bring people together.
  • Results: the sustainability of cultures based on process vs. results.
  • Examples of defining culture based on connection rather than rules.
  • A case study in perhaps the worst culture ever.
  • How losing can bring a team together.
  • Contrasting case studies in a player-centered approach: letting athletes define the core values.
  • Culture takes time.
  • Developing and leveraging leadership in athletes.
  • Language barriers and coaching.
  • Connecting with a different generation of athletes and how aging athletes can bring value to team culture.
  • Training groups the combine multiple cultures (e.g. training multiple sports or events together).


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