May 2019 Hangout: Training progressions

In this month’s hangout we look at progressing the athlete and ideas on creating training progressions with James de Lacey of Romanian Rugby, Commonwealth Games weightlifting medalist Mona Pretorius and HMMR Media founder Martin Bingisser. Topics covered:

  • Creating progressions in environments with less regular athlete contact.
  • The purpose of progression and progression for stimulus vs. progression to advance skills.
  • The value of basics and the need to keep the first level of progressions present.
  • Having flexibility in progressions in a team environment.
  • Regressions.
  • Progression from predictable to unpredictable: from skills to drills to chaos.
  • Examples of how to approach beginner progressions in weightlifting.
  • Correcting movements to get to a good starting point for progressions.
  • Learning strength before movement.
  • How to progress inherently simple movements and activities.
  • Progression as troubleshooting.


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