May 2021 Hangout: Medicine ball training for tennis

In this month’s hangout we share ideas on using medicine balls to prepare for tennis. Joining HMMR Media founder Martin Bingisser are tennis coaches Johnny Parkes (IMG Academy) and Matt Kuzdub (Mattspoint Tennis). Topics covered:

  • Medicine ball vs. traditional strength training methods and the benefits of medicine ball training.
  • Non-throwing movements.
  • Extensive and intensive variations.
  • Integrating medicine ball with tennis training and specific movements.
  • Anti-rotation training and maintaining posture through movements.
  • Overhead training
  • Complementing vs contrasting on court sessions: don’t think movement is feeding balls.
  • External cues for tennis and using medicine ball to improve on-court body awareness.
  • Slowing movement down for learning.
  • Long-term athlete development and supplementing tennis training.
  • Load/match monitoring with developing players.
  • Olympic lifting and power training for tennis.


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