October 2019 Hangout: Core strength and trunk stability

In this month’s hangout we look at various aspects of reflecting better with HMMR Media founder Martin Bingisser, and site contributors such as Vern Gambetta, James Marshall, Mike Bahn, Steve Myrland and several more guest members. Topics covered:

  • Evaluating sit ups and flexion of the abdominal muscles
  • How to start integrating gymnastics in training
  • How all training is core training
  • Evaluating core training my watching movement
  • The impact of weight training machines and bodybuilding on the evolution of core training
  • Prone vs. supine training
  • Quantification of progress in core training
  • Soreness as feedback
  • Wresting for core strength
  • The value of repetition
  • Developing progressions, stepping stones, and landmarks for core training
  • Transfer of training
  • Partner core exercise ideas
  • Competitive vs. collaborative exercises


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