October 2020 Hangout: Training for downhill mountain biking

In this month’s hangout we break down downhill mountain biking and discuss how to best train for it on and off the bike. Joining HMMR Media founder Martin Bingisser are top downhill coach Chris Kilmuarry, Jason Hettler from Altis, and rehab specialist and athletic coach David McFall. Topics covered:

  • Breaking down attractors
  • Reactivity and anticipation in mountain biking
  • Exposure to speed
  • Hip dominant vs. ankle dominant riding
  • Specific vs. general training off the bike
  • Attractors in chaotic environments
  • Body composition and developing body armor
  • Unstable training and environmental changes
  • Specificity vs transfer
  • Comparing to other biking disciplines
  • Routines
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Another look at attractors


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