September 2019 Hangout: Reflecting better

In this month’s hangout we look at at various aspects of reflecting better with HMMR Media founder Martin Bingisser, GAIN founder Vern Gambetta, and several guest members. Topics covered:

  • Developing athletes feedback ability
  • Telling what you did vs how it felt
  • Asking better questions
  • Debriefing for team sports
  • Training logs for team sports
  • Examples of note taking for coaches
  • Learning from athletes by seeing who notices your mistakes
  • Debriefing as education/testing
  • Better cues, remembering cues, and building on cues
  • Styles of learning
  • Improving film sessions
  • Finding the athlete’s language and point of view
  • Strength-based reflection
  • Stepping up in competition and examples from the Rugby World Cup
  • Preparing for competition, tips for individual sports


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