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HMMR Classroom Lesson 8: Lifting for Runners
HMMR Classroom Lesson 8: Lifting for RunnersCarrie Lane demonstrates strength methods and outlines planning for endurance athletes.
HMMR Classroom Lesson 5: Medicine Ball Routines
HMMR Classroom Lesson 5: Medicine Ball RoutinesNick Garcia demonstrates key medicine ball exercises and routines for all sports.

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Why lift?

Carrie Lane has coached both endurance sports and Olympic throewrs. She has written in detail about why runners need to lift, lifting methods for runners, and creating a strength plan. We also interviewed Lane on Episode 36 to discuss lifting for endurance athletes.

Don’t forget mechanics

Mechincs and efficiency are important in all forms of running. Vern Gambetta has a three-part look at the running mechanics: part 1, part 2, and part 3. We also look at the science of running.

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Jonathan Marcus
Jonathan MarcusHead Coach, High Performance West
Danny Mackey
Danny MackeyHead Coach, Brooks Beasts TC
Carrie Lane
Carrie LanePerformance Coach, Authentic Performance Center