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Frans Bosch innovative theories of training combine motor learning concepts with sports-specific coordination training. You can learn more about his consulting services on the Frans Bosch Systems webpage.

The man himself

We have sat down with Frans on several occasions. Our first training talk in 2017 had two parts: first we focused on perfection, variation, and transfer. The second part looked at transfer, specificity, and periodization. Our more recent interview series looks at agility, perception, and understanding errors as well as intrinsic learning and understanding attractors.

Key takeaways

Several of our articles have looked at what you can learn from Bosch and apply in training. We wrote about 4 things you can learn from Frans Bosch as well as 4 more things. We also shared some notes from his webinar on training hip lock. Nick Lumley has reviewed and shared key takeaways from his book Anatomy of Agility.


Bosch discussed agility on HMMR Podcast 224. Together with coach John Pryor (see more from him to the right), Bosch did a special two-part GAINcast interview. On GAINcast 135 they looked at motor learning, strength training, and creating a better training environment. On GAINcast 136 discussed specific training, general training, and easy wins for coaches.

John Pryor began working with Frans Bosch while he was head strength and conditioning coach for Japan Rugby preparing for the 2015 World Cup. Together they develop key methods for putting Bosch’s ideas into real world scenarios. Pryor has since worked for Fiji Rugby and Rugby Australia.

Interview with Pryor

Our initial interview with Pryor after the 2015 world cup was spread over three parts: sports specificity and implementing Bosch’s concepts, tactical periodization, coaching influences and collaboration. Pryor looked at robust running on HMMR Podcast 99. He also reflected on the 2019 Rugby World Cup with colleague Leigh Egger on HMMR Podcast 210 and contributed some great thoughts to a roundtable discussion on HMMR Podcast 200.

Additional topics

The art of coaching helps translate complex concepts to real results. We sat down twice with Pryor to look into his method, including a look at how he searches for training transfer and adapts training to culture.

Pryor is also a forerunner in applying tactical periodization to rugby, which we discussed in his training talk, as well as an interview with Dean Benton and an article by Craig Pickering.

Cues, feedback, and motor learning methods.

Professor Kevin Becker explains the science of feedback, cues, attentional focus, and constraints in the HMMR Classroom, as well as on our podcast. Professor Rob Gray also provided a broader overview of motor learning methods and approaches in our interview with him, as well as GAINcast 236 on learning to move. Romanian Rugby’s James de Lacey shares how he applies a constraints-leg approach to developing robust running. Nick Lumley of Edinburgh Rugby has provided a critical look at a constraints-led approach to training.

Sports-specific training

Several authors have looked at how these ideas translate into practice. Leigh Egger is a regular contributor to the site and has one article focusing on understanding and training cocontractions in high intensity movement. Professor Warren Young analyzed specificity of resistance training for sprinting.

Monthly themes

Additional resources can be found in our summary of various monthly themes, including February 2020: skill acquisition and September 2018: training with Bosch and Pryor.


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