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The lay of the land

Read about the history of periodization to know where we came from. Derek Evely also compares traditional approaches as well as modern trends in periodization.

Think different

In our detailed interview, John Kiely provides a masterful critique of periodization and how coaches can build upon the limited findings science does give us. Rugby coach Nick Lumley also provides his alternative to periodization and our roundtable discussion looked deeper at simple planning solutions.

Learn from master coaches

We have sat down with numerous master coaches to learn about their approach to planning and periodization: sprint coach Gary Winckler, strength and conditioning pioneer Vern Gambetta, and track and field all-around coach Dan Pfaff not once but twice. We also look at the periodization of Jean-Pierre Egger behind the legendary Werner Günthör.

The art of coaching

Even the best plan is ineffective if you do not master the art of coaching. Harry Marra, who led Ashton Eaton to the decathlon world record, explains the art of coaching.

An introduction to Bondarchuk

We helped bring Anatoliy Bondarchuk‘s methods to the world with our Simplifying Bondarchuk article a decade ago. Since then we have done a video introduction to Bondarchuk’s methods and more recently our detailed webinar.

Nick Garcia has also put together a three-piece series on Bondarchuk’s terminology, data collection, and peaking.

Putting theory in practice

We have interviewed Garcia and he has written about using Bondarchuk in a high school setting. Derek Evely also sat down for an interview and follow up on how he has used Bondarchuk’s methods.

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Best practices

GAINcast 4 covers best practices for periodization and planning. On HMMR Podcast Episode 96 Nick Lumley discusses how he uses simple solutions to solve the complex problems we face with periodization. Episode 102 has rugby coach Mark Bennett walk though his experiences with different methods.

The way forward

GAINcast 61 features and open conversation on the future of periodization with John Kiely. We discuss tactical periodization and other trends on GAINcast 67 with Dave Tenney and in our detailed training talk with England Rugby’s Dean Benton. HMMR Podcast Episode 92 discusses the role of change in planning with Derek Evely and how this can be better utilized.

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