Periodisation and Performance: Beyond the Bullshit 2

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Instructors John Kiely and Martin Bingisser explain what makes planning so complex and real-life strategies to get the most from your athletes.

The Basics

  • Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017
  • Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm
  • Registration: Register using the link above or click here.
  • Location: Lecture Hall G5, St. Mary’s University, London, England
  • Presenters: John Kiely and Martin Bingisser
  • Price: £125
  • Student and Early Registration Discounts: £99 for early registrations (before March 31) and students. Contact us for details.
  • Target Audience: S&C coaches, field sport coaches (rugby, soccer, football, etc.), track and field coaches, medical/physiotherapy staff, and specialists in athletic preparation.

Topics Covered

You can find the complete agenda here. In particular, this seminar seeks to address the following questions:

  • How did we get where to periodisation as we know it? What role did path dependence play in current periodisation models? Have the assumptions upon which periodisation was built changed so much that we need to rethink our approach?
  • How can we understand a complex process like adaptation? What are the biological and psycho-emotional dimensions of adaptation and how does that affect our planning processes?
  • What role does variation play in training and what strategies can help maximize its impact?
  • How should we think about training planning for this updated reality? How can simple solutions help solve complex problems, improve monitoring, educate athletes, enhance communication, and increase buy-in? How can we overcome mental biases that hinder progress? And how is a process different than a plan?
  • What are some practical examples from master coaches (and the presenters) in addressing this complex updated reality?

Related Information

This is our second edition of the seminar. To hear feedback about the first event last year, read about the highlights here and feedback from attendees.

Recently Bingisser and Kiely sat down to discuss the science of stress and how that factors into training. He also joined the GAINcast in April to discuss the future of periodisation.

Listen to Episode 48 of the HMMR Podcast for a discussion with John Kiely, Martin Bingisser, and Nick Garcia about one of the topics coming up at the seminar: the mental biases we confront in planning.

In addition you can read Kiely’s critique of periodization and suggestions for coaches in HMMR Media’s in-depth interview with him and find links to even more resources on these topics here.

The Presenters

John Kiely

  • Senior Lecturer in Elite Performance at the University of Central Lancashire.
  • Former strength and conditioning Support for Irish Rugby and head of strength and conditioning for UK Athletics. Previously worked as S&C coach for world champion and Olympic Silver medallist Phillips Idowu (triple jump) as well as a number of other major medallists in Track & Field, and more recently as Performance Coach for 2013 Squash World Champion Laura Massaro. He has also consulted for a number of high performing elite teams in rugby, soccer, and other field sports as well as national military/police services.
  • Author of numerous published articles on training methodology. You can read HMMR Media’s extensive interview with him here.

Martin Bingiser

  • Swiss national hammer throw coach and 7-Time Swiss national champion in the hammer throw.
  • Founder of HMMR Media and co-host of the HMMR Podcast and the GAINcast.
  • Frequent presenter and writer on periodization and transfer of training. Has presented CPD to several track and field federations as well as professional rugby clubs in England, Scotland, and Ireland as well as RFU and SRU. As a writer he has published more than a dozen articles and the book The Ball and Chain: A Guide to Hammer Throwing.