HMMR Classroom Lesson 1 - The Basics - A look at transfer of training, periodization, and Bondarchuk.$60.00
HMMR Classroom Lesson 2 - Warming Up - A practical look at putting together a warm up to prepare for training.$40.00
HMMR Classroom Lesson 3 - Periodization & Planning Trends - Vern Gambetta and Martin Bingisser look at how planning has evolved and where it is headed next.$60.00
HMMR Classroom Lesson 4 - Multi-Jumps - Ideas on how to integrate jumping into training, how to progress movements, and demonstrations of key exercises.$40.00
HMMR Classroom Lesson 5 - Medicine Ball Routines - Four key medicine ball routines to help develop coordination and explosiveness.$40.00
Shot Put Season Planning with Nick Garcia$29.99