August 2020 in review: training programs

In August we launched a new section of our site dedicated to sharing training programs. The monthly theme also focused on training plans as we compiled 8 new training plans, 5 new articles, and 2 podcasts on the topic. You’ll find all the new resources below. Be sure to join HMMR Plus to get access to our complete archive. Read more

Life 101: changing your world

As 21-year-old just out of college I was convinced that my mission was to change the world. My youthful enthusiasm was soon tempered by realism. I quickly learned that the best way to change the world was to change my world. The following is some thoughts and ideas that I have learned over the years to change my world. Perhaps these thoughts will help you change your world and we can all make the world a better place together. Read more

Tips for adding exercise variation to a training plan

Take a look around Instagram and you’ll see hundreds of variations of your favorite exercises. Exercise variation is critical to sustained progress, but how you vary exercises matter. Randomly copying what you see online isn’t going to do the trick. The latest training program we posted in the HMMR Classroom provides a great look at how exercise variation can fit into a training plan. Read more

Planning with minimalism

You can do so much with so little. I’m amazed to see people continue to design training programs based on elaborate facilities and equipment. If you know and understand the basics you don’t need much space or fancy equipment. Read more

Competency before capacity

So often when we start a training program, we immediately start on a path to developing capacity, which certainly we should do. Too often though in the search to improve capacity we sacrifice competence, especially sound movement competence. Read more

4 training programs from Vern Gambetta

The theme this month on HMMR Media is training programs. A new section of the site helps compile various training programs from contributors. To contribute to the them I’ve shared four training programs for members. Read more

HMMR Podcast Episode 230: Preseason planning (with James de Lacey)

A teams success during the season is often tied with how effectively they prepare in the preseason. Integrating the tactical, technical, and physical preparation can be an art. Recently James de Lacey shared an 8-week preseason rugby training plan on our site. On this week’s podcast, he dives deeper into his principles of preseason training and discusses how they can be adapted to different environments and different sports. Read more

The principles of preseason planning

Preseason training can vary from sport to sport. Some teams get just weeks to prepare athletes, some get a few months. Others are currently heading into preseason without a clear idea of when the season will actually start. No matter the situation, the principles remain the same. Read more