Learning How the Hammer Moves

Everyone wants to know how to accelerate the hammer. But before you can answer that question you have to look at another question first: Does the body force the hammer to move? Or does the hammer force the body to move? You might say “This is easy! We push and control the hammer. We force the hammer to move.” Is it that easy? I would say this statement is both true and false. Read more

Looking Back at 2016: Best Training Content

The past year was a busy one at HMMR Media with 97 new podcast episodes, 426 new posts, plus even more premium content for HMMR Plus members. Most important for us, we also added five new world-class coaches to our roster of writers: Nick Lumley, Jonathan Marcus, Danny Mackey, Sergej Litvinov and Bryan Mann. Combined they bring a variety of new viewpoints to the site from their backgrounds in endurance sports, rugby, and more. Read more

The Fallacy of the Strength Reserve

There is an ongoing debate about when maximum strength training reaches a point of diminishing returns. Increasing maximum strength has benefits for athletes in nearly every sport. If an athlete increases their bench press from 200 to 300 pounds their shot put results will undoubtedly improve as a result. But will the same thing happen for an athlete that improves their bench from 400 to 450 pounds? Ask a dozen coaches and you might get a dozen different answsers. Read more

Hammer Throw Target Practice

Today I want to tell you about a game that can teach you working with the hammer differently. We all struggle with the monotony of winter training and sometimes it is hard to find the motivation for the fine technical work required to throw far. This game will teach you to find your “fine feeling” of the throw. Read more

The HMMR Glove is Going to Rio

While most athletes got the day off on Wednesday, the hammer throwers were busy at the Olympic Trials. Olympic silver medalist and Hayward Field facilities manager Lance Deal helped organize a special hammer throw competition that brought the hammer throw back onto the infield at America’s most historic track and field venue. Read more

My 2016 Goals

Wow. It has been a long time since my last post! As you’re probably aware, lots of changes the last few months. So let’s dive right in. Without further adieu, here are my top goals for the coming Olympic year. Read more

The Glove of Champions

When we introduced the HMMR Glove in 2014, it was the first hammer throw glove made for and with input from elite throwers. Based on the feedback we are continually improving what we feel is the best glove on the market and, as a result, more and more elite throwers are trying it out too. It’s been used in the European Championships, Pan Am Games, and even made it’s World Championships debut last summer with US champion Kibwé Johnson. Now US record holder Amanda Bingson has been the latest world class thrower to give it a spin. Read more

Looking Back at 2015: Best Training Posts

We pumped out a lot of great information here in HMMR Media over the past year. With more than 450 new posts, we covered a wide range of topics. We also added new four new authors that bring world-class experience: Vern Gambetta, Craig Pickering, Derek Evely and Benn Harradine. Read more

Why 3 Turns are Harder Than 4

On this week’s podcast I mentioned some of the stories Nicola Vizzoni told about his competitive experiences at our recent Swiss Hammer training camp. Over dinner one night our discussion moved towards hammer throw technique and Vizzoni slowly laid out the case for why the three turn throw is harder than the four turn throw. By the time I finished dessert he had opened my eyes to the complexity of the seemingly simple technique. Read more

Ask Martin Vol. 30: Throwing Tactics

Do you have a question for me? “Ask Martin” questions are chosen from inquiries submitted by members. So join now and you’ll also get access to a wealth of other training information.

Question: I’m doing my PE A-level coursework at the moment and I have to come up with three good and bad tactical strategies. If you can help me it would be appreciated. -Jake Read more