Houghton Invitational (NY) Results

Results from the Houghton Invitational.

                     HOUGHTON INVITATIONAL
                Houghton College, Houghton, NY
                 Wednesday  December 30, 2015 

Boys Weight Throw  (Top 15 – 26 threw)
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Anthony Ray               10 Batavia               48-08.50 
  2 Jason LaRuez              11 Greece Arcadia        47-07.50 
  3 Jacob Plesums             12 Warsaw                42-09.50 
  4 Aaron Rodriguez           10 Aquinas Inst          41-04.00 
  5 Alex Laure                12 Brockport             39-11.00 
  6 Tajmon Glasgow            12 Rush-Henrietta        39-04.50 
  7 Gabe Chappell             11 Dansville             38-05.00 
  8 Addison Pitcher           12 Batavia               38-00.00 
  9 Clayton Gorski            12 Batavia               36-06.50 
 10 Michael Buirch            12 Brockport             35-09.00 
 11 Joseph Castoire           10 West Seneca           35-06.00 
 12 Nicolus Buksic            11 Rush-Henrietta        35-04.00 
 13 Wolfgarr Lobo             11 Avon Central          33-11.00 
 14 Jerome Hooker             11 Depew                 31-10.00 
 15 Joe Oriel                 12 Greece Olympia        31-06.00 

Girls Weight Throw  (Top 15 – 27 threw)
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Madison Offhaus           10 Warsaw                43-00.00 
  2 Brealle Brown             12 Rush-Henrietta        41-07.50 
  3 Leah Hulbert              12 Rush-Henrietta        34-11.00 
  4 Olyvia Zinkiewich         10 Brockport             33-03.00
  5 Rebecca Rock              12 Penfield              32-07.00 
  6 Casey Metzler             10 Penfield              30-10.50 
  7 Mina Stollberg            10 West Seneca           29-00.00 
  8 Celia Flynn               11 Batavia               27-10.00 
  9 Jessey Bruening           10 Palmyra-Mace          27-07.00 
 10 Rebekah Quinlivan         11 West Seneca           27-04.50 
 11 Tiffany Major             10 West Seneca           27-03.50 
 12 Lexi Hinds                11 Dansville             25-10.50 
 13 Kaitlyn Zelazny           12 Depew                 25-09.50 
 14 Katherine Wiseley         11 Batavia               25-03.50 
 15 Hannah Weaver             10 Palmyra-Mace          24-09.00 

Ocean Breeze Holiday Festival (NY) Results

Jack Zimmerman (Briarcliff, Briarcliff Manor, NY) led the mid-week results from Staten Island. The junior added two feet to his best to win the Ocean Breeze Holiday Festival. Read more

Marine Corps Holiday Classic (NY) Results

In Tuesday night action at the Armory, siblings Matt Slagus and Jessica Slagus (North Pocono, Moscow, PA) swept the titles. Matt won the boy’s competition despite a personal best from his closest competitor David Bernstein (Norwich, NY). Jessica launched a personal best to easily win the girl’s competition. Read more

Abel R. Kiviat Curtis High School Invitational (NY) Results

Saturday results from the Ocean Breeze Track & Field Athletic Complex in Staten Island.

             Abel R. Kiviat Curtis High School Invitational
               Ocean Breeze Track & Field Athletic Complex
                             Staten Island, NY

Boys Weight Throw Varsity
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals 
  1 Rosendorf, Phil              Susan Wagner                   54-00.00  
  2 Ashraf, Abdul                McKee/Staten                   31-08.00  
  3 Li, Jeffrey                  McKee/Staten                   17-03.50  
  4 Lucido, Cesare               McKee/Staten                   16-05.50  
Girls Weight Throw Varsity
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals 
  1 Jones, Brittany              Bloomfield, CT                 41-00.00  
  2 Belvit, Erica                Bloomfield, CT                 40-02.50  
  3 Wilson, Justyce              Bloomfield, CT                 31-09.50  
  4 Francis, Zaire               Port Richmond                  30-10.00  
  5 Brown, Arian                 Bloomfield, CT                 29-04.00  
  6 O'Rourke, Erin               Susan Wagner                   26-03.00  
  7 Bennett, Brianna             Midwood                        24-05.00 

North Shore HS Invitational (NY) Results

Cameron Thompson (Lakeland/Panas, Cortlandt, NY) added an inch to his personal best en route to a win at the New York Armory on Saturday. The senior is currently the second best thrower in New York, sitting just one foot off the state lead. Read more

AT&T Hall of Fame Invitational (NY) Results

Junior Matt Slagus (North Pocono, Moscow, PA) already tossed a personal best in his indoor debut of the season. With a throw of 64’5.50″ inches, Slagus easily captured the victory at the AT&T Hall of Fame Invitational, and also added a few inches to his best set at the end of last indoor season. Matt’s sister Jessica Slagus (North Pocono, Moscow, PA) also threw a two foot indoor personal best in the girl’s competition, but was edged out for the win in the end by Monae Cooper (New Rochelle, NY). Read more

Bishop Loughlin Games (NY) Results

Weight throwers from six states converged on the newly opened Staten Island indoor track on Saturday for the Bishop Loughlin Games. Lysah Russell (Classical, Providence, RI) improved her season’s best by more than three feet to capture the girl’s title. On the boy’s side local thrower Phil Rosendorf (Susan E. Wagner, Staten Island, NY) continued a strong debut indoor season by improving his best for the second meet in a row. Read more

New York Relays Results

rp_primary_NYR_Logo_1Junior Bobby Colantonio (Barrington, RI) threw a new national lead and meet record to highlight the first day of action on Friday at the New York Relays. Already in round two Colantonio set a new personal best and national lead of 238’07” and finished off the competition with another two throws over 230 feet. His throw also moves him within inches of the national all-time top 10 list. Close behind Colantonio was his teammate Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI). Kelly, the national leader entering the meet, was also near his personal best and turned in his second best performance ever at 234’2″. Owen Russell (Moses Brown, Providence, RI) finished in third. Read more