Weightarama 2020 (RI) Results

Rhode Island state leaders Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) and Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) both took home another win at this year’s Weightarama meet on Tuesday. Moison and Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) also made their season debut with the heavier 35-pound weight and notched big improvements compared to the 2019 season. Coles came out on top with a mark that now ranks him second in the nation with the implement. Read more

New England Weight Throw Championships (RI) Results

Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) and Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) continued their back-and-forth battle at the New England Weight Throw Championships on Wednesday. Moison took home the win with a personal best at the Rhode Island State Championships earlier this month and led through the start of the competition on Wednesday as well. But a final round improvement by Coles secured the win and came within an inch of his personal best. In the girl’s competition Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) broke the 12 year old meet record and came within three inches of her personal best. Read more

Rhode Island Indoor State Championships Results

After losing his state lead last week, Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) responded with a big win at Saturday’s Rhode Island Indoor State Championships. The senior not only won, but he added more than two feet to his personal best on his final throw and recaptured the state lead. Rival Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) took a strong second place, leading five throwers over 70 feet. Michelson Salomon (Mt. Pleasant, RI) took bronze, after adding seven feet to his best and breaking the barrier for the first time. Read more

Rhode Island Indoor Class Championships Results

Throwers across Rhode Island competed at the Class Championships on Saturday. Boys and Girls competed across three divisions each. Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) had the biggest highlight of the day. The junior added five feet to his best to set a meet record and take the national lead to win Class A. Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) was not far behind with a personal best to win Class B. Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) won the girl’s Large Class competition with another toss over 60 feet, and once again more than ten feet over the competitors in all classes. Read more

Rhode Island Girls Division Championships Results

Following the boys division championships earlier in the week, the top Rhode Island girls competed across four divisions on Saturday. Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) was the big winner. Not only did she produce the best result across all divisions, she also outdistanced the other throwers by more than 10 feet. Read more

Rhode Island Boys Division Championships Results

The Rhode Island Division Championships took place on Monday and Tuesday. Athletes competed across four divisions, with the biggest marks coming from Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) and William Cauley (Barrington, RI). Moison had the top result across all divisions to win the Northen competition, while Cauley led the way in the Metropolitan division with another throw over 70 feet. Read more

East Coast Track & Field Invitational (RI) Results

Rhode Island state leaders Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) and Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) both racked up another win on Saturday at the East Coast Track & Field Invitational in Providence. Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) also improved his best in second place. Read more

URI Rhody Classic (RI) Results

After adding nearly two feet to her personal best on Friday, Alliya Boothe (Bloomfield, CT) improved again on Saturday to win the URI Rhody Classic. Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) was just inches under his best to win the boy’s competition. Read more

World Trophies Invitational (RI) Results

A day after setting the meet record at the Yale Interscholastic Classic, Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) set another meet record and yet again was over 60 feet at the World Trophies Invitational in Providence. Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) won the boy’s competition. Read more

Rhode Island Classic Results

National leaders Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) and Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) were both in action on Friday at the Rhode Island Classic. Figueroa added two feet to her season’s best and more than a foot to her personal best from last February en route to the win. Moison also dominated a strong field to win by more than six feet. Read more