Sgt. Brian St. Germaine Invitational (RI) Results

Sophomore Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) grabbed another win on Saturday with a meet record of 219’0″ at the Sgt. Brian St. Germaine Invitational in Rhode Island. Read more

International Hammer Implement Invitational (RI) Results

Internationally, youth throwers compete with a variety of different implements. At Friday’s International Hammer Implement Invitational, throwers from the northeast got a chance to see how they stack up with those hammers. Read more

Rhode Island Division Championships Results

Over the last three days 169 throwers from across Rhode Island competed in four division championships. Annika Kelly (Barrington, RI) produced the best girl’s result overall and also improved her state lead and personal best in the process. On the boy’s side Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) had the top mark to set a meet record in the Northern Division. Read more

Brian Moretti Invitational (RI) Results

Sophomore Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) captured a narrow win against state leader Jacob Furland (Classical, Providence, RI) on Saturday at the Brian Moretti Invitational. Furland took the lead in round one, but Coles respond on his second throw to add two feet to his best and also move into the lead by one inch. That was his only legal throw of the competition, but it was good enough to hold on for the win. The girl’s competition was also very close, with Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) coming from behind in the last round to set a personal best and move into first place over Erynn Field (North Kingstown, RI) who also added nearly eight feet to her best at the meet. Read more

Classical Classic (RI) Results

Jacob Furland (Classical, Providence, RI) used the home field advantage to his benefit, taking home a win and a personal best at the Classical Classic on Saturday. He led three throwers over 210 feet in the competition. Annika Kelly (Barrington, RI) also had a personal best to win the girl’s competition, coming within feet of the national lead. Read more

Knights of Columbus Relays (RI) Results

The Rhode Island outdoor season kicked off over the weekend with the first big meet of the year. The state’s best throwers hit the ground running with some big personal bests. Annika Kelly (Barrington, RI) added more than four feet to her best and had five throws over her old mark to win the girl’s competition. In the boy’s competition sophomore Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) added a dozen feet to his best to win in a close competition over Jacob Furland (Classical, Providence, RI). Indoor state champion Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) also added a few feet to his best for third place. Read more

Weightarama 2019 (RI) Results

After struggling at the state championship last month, Jake Furland (Classical, Providence, RI) took some revenge and improved his personal best on his first throw to claim the win at this year’s Weightarama meet. His new best captured the win by just inches in a close competition with Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI). In the girl’s competition, Furland’s teammate Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) also won with a big first round toss. Read more

New England Weight Throw Championships (RI) Results

After winning at last weekend’s Rhode Island State Championships both Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) and Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) both captured victory at Thursday’s New England Weight Throw Championships. Moison led from start to finish, but faced much closer competition this week and won by less than a foot. Figueroa, on the other hand, turned in another convincing win. Read more

Rhode Island Indoor State Championships Results

Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) has been steadily improving over the last month, finally taking the state lead last week. At Saturday’s Rhode Island State Championships, he continued his hot streak with an even bigger improvement. On his first attempt he added three feet to his personal best and easily held on for the win by more than six feet. Cole Hooper (Cumberland, RI) also threw a personal best for second place, as six throwers broke 65 feet. In the girl’s competition Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) also led from start to finish, with all six of her throws good enough to win. After leading the state all season, she was the clear favorite to win and came through. Annika Kelly (Barrington, RI) took second, and teammate Sydney Polando (Barrington, RI) won a tiebreaker for third over a personal best from Erynn Field (North Kingstown, RI). Read more

Headley-Sweeney Elite Meet (RI) Results

Another meet, another personal best for Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI). After breaking 71 feet for the first time at Thursday’s Millrose Games, he added another nine inches to his best at the Headley-Sweeney Elite Meet on Saturday. This time his best also gave him the state lead. His series also included three throws over 71 feet. Marissa Henley (Woonsocket, RI) won the girl’s competition with a personal best and just her second competition over 50 feet ever. Read more