HMMR Media Road Show

My offseason began two weeks ago and I am enjoying the chance to learn, to write (and finally finish the long-delayed final edits on my hammer throwing guidebook) and teach. Over the last few years I have done several seminars in Europe, but this year I will finally be coming stateside for a few events. Read about them below, or check out more details and registration information in the HMMR Media store. We also offer a discount to HMMR Media members on all events we organize.

In addition to those listed below, I am in the process of organizing one or two more seminars in December likely in Northern California and Washington. I’ll post details as they are finalized, but if you are interested in something in your area please contact me. While these seminars focus on training methods, I’m also available for presenting on technique or for hands-on clinics with coaches and athletes of all levels.


  • Sunday, October 26th, 2014 – Nashville, Tennessee
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    This half-day seminar will be geared towards the general strength community. I’ll be teaching the basics of Bondarchuk, including topics like transfer of training, special strength, exercise classification, and basic periodization, plus lots of time for Q&A.

  • Saturday, December 20th, 2014 – Los Angeles, California
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    This full-day seminar for throwers and coaches will focus on training methods for the throwing events with the help of coach Nick Garcia. The day will include a more detailed discussion of the above topics, plus presentations on advanced periodization, applied special strength, additional types of strength, and several real life examples of how to implement the ideas.



  • Saturday, December 6th, 2014 – St. Gallen, Switzerland

    I will be presenting an all-day seminar on “360º Throws Training.” Topics will include basic training principles, planning your season, special strength training for all throwing events. It will also discuss how to introduce the hammer throw to your club. More information and registration is available from Swiss Athletics. As this is organized by Swiss Athletics, there is no HMMR Media member discount.

  • Saturday, January 10th, 2014 – Dietlikon, Switzerland

    Fellow LC Zürich throwing coach Werner Kunz and I will give an introduction to the rotational throws and special strength for Kanton Zürich. A special session will be dedicated to how to introduce the hammer to beginners. More details will be announced by Zürich Athletics. As this is organized by Zürich Athletics, there is no HMMR Media member discount.

GAIN 2014 – Wrap-up/Summary #2

6a00e5521cccd0883401a3fd2843e7970b-320wiThe faculty sets the tone for the GAIN experience. Certainly they can be measured by their professional accomplishments, but most importantly they are characterized by their humility, willingness to share and desire to keep learning. What an inspiration to the group to see Jim Radcliffe, with all he has accomplished, taking copious notes on Nick Garcia’s presentation. They are all life long learners who are the best at what they do because they keep challenging to learn and be better. What an example for the attendees! Read more

Vern Sitting

GAIN 2014 – Wrap-up/Summary #1

It has not quite been a week since we ended GAIN VII. Usually I write a wrap-up the day after but this year it took me longer because it was such an overwhelming experience I needed more time to assimilate what I saw & learned. We raised the bar again! The whole GAIN experience just underscores the nature of a network – When excellent people who are passionate and knowledgeable gather magic happens. The sharing across disciplines and areas of expertise was better than ever this year. We started the day with the morning madness teaching sessions at 6:30 am, the quality of teaching was amazing to watch. Read more

Looking Back at GAIN 2014

gainnewlogo300[1]From June 17th to June 21st I was fortunate to present at and attend the GAIN Professional Development Yearly Conference at Rice University in Houston, Texas. First off, GAIN stands for Gambetta Athletic Improvement Network. Vern Gambetta is known as the father of functional sports training. (Martin has reviewed his most popular book here). The great thing about Coach Gambetta is that he does not limit himself to being involved with one sport. He is involved with and has had success coaching numerous sports to optimize their athletic development living by the philosophy that you must “Link, Sync, Connect, and Coordinate” the body in order to have optimum sports performance. He has worked with levels ranging from youth swimming clubs to the Chicago White Sox, New York Mets, and Chicago Bulls. He has also worked with elite track athletes, premier soccer teams, rugby teams, and beach volleyball players.
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GAIN VII – 2014

It seems like just yesterday that 22 of us gathered at the Holiday Inn Sports Complex in Sunrise Florida for the first GAIN. Today at Rice University in Houston Texas we start the seventh iteration of GAIN with 42 attendees (20 new attendees and 22 returning) and 12 instructors. From day one it has been special but it keeps getting better each year. Why? Because of the people, the amazing instructors and attendees willing to share and question to learn to be better at their craft. It has grown into a wonderful learning community. It is certainly the highlight of my year. The energy, camaraderie, knowledge and passion sustain me. I want to thank all of you that have made GAIN special, the attendees, Rice University Track & Field staff, the sponsors and above all my wife Melissa who does all the behind things that make it work. Hopefully you will join us next year. Read more

Speed to the Max

6a00e5521cccd0883401a3fd04cb70970b-320wiLast Fall I did my seminar on speed at Leeds Metropolitan University in England hosted by Brendan Chaplin. Brendan had it all videoed and now it is available for purchase. In this seminar/workshop I share my experiences of 44 years of coaching people to be faster both in terms of Linear Speed and Multidimensional speed and agility. Read more

Presentation Topics for GAIN 2014

Back in January I wrote about how I will give several presentations at Vern Gambetta‘s The Gambetta Athletic Improvement Network (GAIN) program this summer. A few weeks ago Vern announced the compete week-long schedule for the event, which will take place from June 17th to 21st. This year’s program will include top track coaches like Vern, Gary Winckler, Vince Anderson, and Steve Magness. Also there will be Oregon strength coach Jim Radcliffe and many other specialists in training, sports medicine, and physical education.

I will present on three topics. Here is a little about each one:
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Getting Better Faster

I have been in New Zealand for four days now presenting to high performance coaches and interacting with various members of Sport New Zealand’s High Performance team. It has been total immersion in performance excellence, a real coaches dream. The singular focus has all been all about what needs to be done to get better. Certainly elite sport is moving forward at hyper speed, faster than coaches and sport leaders can comprehend. We have been talking continually about future planning and present perfect. Read more

GAIN Professional Development Community – 2014 Schedule

Don’t miss out on this special professional development opportunity. Below is the faculty and the teaching schedule for this year. To apply click here. Read more

GAIN Professional Development Community – 2014 Faculty

We are very fortunate to have a faculty with a tremendous breath of experiences. These are professionals who have a track record of excellence in their chosen fields. They know how a performance team works, how all aspects of athletic development complement each other and most importantly they understand the process of developing athletes. Read more