1/04/05 U.S. High School Weight List

Sophomore Walter Henning (St. Anthony’s, South Huntington, NY) is coming off a season where he set the national freshman hammer record and also set an unoffical national freshman weight record. In his second meet he does not disappoint by throwing a huge personal best and moving within 6″ of the national leader Andrew Hackney (Brookwood, Snellville, GA). Also improving on the boy’s list was Charles Rohling who improved to 62’11.25″.

There was also plenty of movement on the girl’s list. Kim Williams (Alexander, Douglasville, GA) moved to the top of the list with a throw of 50’09.50″. A slew of girls also improved over 40′ causing a lot of movement in the top 20.

                 U.S. HIGH SCHOOL BOYS' 25# WEIGHT THROW

National Record

Leif Arrhenius - Mountain View, Orem, UT 82'10.00" 2004

Class Records

Leif Arrhenius FR Lakeridge Junior High, UT 55'01.00" 01
Manny Silverio SO North Bergen, NJ 69'01.00" 74
Leif Arrhenius JR Mountain View, Orem, UT 76'01.75" 03
Leif Arrhenius SR Mountain View, Orem, UT 82'10.00" 04

Andrew Hackney SR Brookwood, Snellville, GA 64'07.25"
Walter Henning SO St. Anthony's, South Huntington, NY 64'02.00" I *
Alex Pessala SR Chaminade, Mineola, NY 63'11.75"
Charles Rohling SR Marietta, GA 62'11.25" *
Dominick Gonzalez SR Monroe-Woodbury, Central Valley, NY 61'10.00" I
Brendan Lodge SR Bishop Hendricken, Warwick, RI 61'03.50"
Wes Wright FR Villa Rica, GA 60'08.75" **
Zack Hunter SR Marietta, GA 60'03.25"
Craig Pearce SO Woonsocket, RI 60'02.25"
David Schiedt JR Lassiter, Marietta, GA 59'07.00"
Dan Paladino JR Monroe-Woodbury, Central Valley, NY 59'01.00" I
Matt Maloney SR LaSalle Academy, Providence, RI 58'10.00"
Brian Morris SR Classical, Providence, RI 57'07.25" I *
Ryan Whiting SR Central Dauphin, Harrisburg, PA 57'04.75"
Cory Parker SR Tolman, Pawtucket, RI 56'02.75" I *
Justin Halleck SR Lancaster, NY 55'05.00" I *
Brian McKinney SR Shenendehowa, Clifton Park, NY 55'03.00" I *
Nick Chase JR Bishop Hendricken, Warwick, RI 54'09.50"
Joe Tiernan JR North Kingstown, RI 54'08.25" I *
Kesnel Dorce JR Hope, Providence, RI 54'04.75"
Tim Daly SO North Kingstown, RI 54'02.25" I *
Lloyd Lassiter SR Lassiter, Marietta, GA 53'11.75"
Andrew Horner JR Lovett, Atlanta, GA 53'04.50"
Matt Megerdichian JR Archbishop Molloy, Briarwood, NY 53'01.00" I *
Jim Schwendtner FR Shenendehowa, Clifton Park, NY 53'01.00" I *
Nate Kiely SO Kennesaw, GA 51'10.50" *
Ryan Sanborn SR Westerly, RI 51'06.00"
Anthony Lupien SR Classical, Providence, RI 51'02.75"
Dana Blair JR Toll Gate, Warwick, RI 50'09.50"
Patrick Onye FR Classical, Providence, RI 50'01.00"
Charlie Walkup SR St. Raphael Academy, Pawtucket, RI 50'00.00"
Jake Pyzza SR Washingtonville, NY 49'11.75" I
Derek Gould JR South Kingstown, Wakefield, RI 49'10.75" I *
Joe Costello SR West Warwick, RI 49'09.25"
Pat Sampson SO Bishop Hendricken, Warwick, RI 49'08.25" I *
Joe Goniprow JR Barrington, RI 49'07.50"
Carl Reynolds JR South Kingstown, Wakefield, RI 49'06.00"
Tou Yang SR Classical, Providence, RI 49'05.50"
Charles Clark JR St. Anthony's, South Huntington, NY 49'02.00" I *
Garrett Hart SR Lancaster, NY 49'01.00" I *
Ryan Callahan SR Barrington, RI 48'08.50"
Cody Cox SO Lovett, Atlanta,GA 48'05.25"
Matt Tierney SR Archbishop Molloy, Briarwood, NY 48'05.00" I *
Adam Gawne JR Lyndonville, NY 48'01.00" I
Peter Schofield SR Toll Gate, Warwick, RI 47'11.50" I *
Chris Foote SR Lancaster, NY 47'07.50" I *
Ryan Loughney SO Tri Valley Secondary,Grahamsville,NY 47'04.25" I
David Valley JR East Providence, RI 46'06.25"
Brenden Sweeney SR St. Raphael Academy, Pawtucket, RI 46'05.25"
Miguel Roman SR Classical, Providence, RI 46'04.25" I *
Xavier Gunn SR Rogers, Newport, RI 46'03.75"
Joe Valentin JR Liberty, NY 45'08.75" I
Tony Kao SR Cranston East, RI 45'08.00"
Kris Koch SR Cumberland, RI 45'03.00"
Rich Russ SR North Kingstown, RI 45'02.50"

** Wes Wright's 60'08.75" exceeds the existing national freshman record.
However, it is not a new record as the competition was an individual event
conducted outdoors and not part of a full indoor track & field meet.

Andrew Hackney SR Brookwood, Snellville, GA 51'11.00" *
Alex Pessala SR Chaminade, Mineola, NY 51'05.75" *
Charles Rohling SR Marietta, GA 50'04.75" *
David Schiedt JR Lassiter, Marietta, GA 47'06.50" *
Zack Hunter SR Marietta, GA 44'09.75" *
Wes Wright FR Villa Rica, GA 43'05.25" *

National Record

Maureen Griffin - Pocatello, ID - 60'10.50" 1997

Class Records

Sarah Cardinal FR Blackfoot, ID 42'06.50" 03
Kate Johnston SO Warwick Veterans Memorial, RI 53'07.75" 99
Maureen Griffin JR Pocatello, ID 60'10.50" 97
Kristen Michalski SR West Warwick, RI 60'08.75" 02


Kim Williams JR Alexander, Douglasville, GA 50'09.50" *
Emily Sanders SR Sequoyah, Canton, GA 50'08.75"
Megan Maloney SR LaSalle Academy, Providence, RI 49'08.75"
Mallory Denniston SR LaSalle Academy, Providence, RI 47'03.00"
Emily Bernhardt JR Lassiter, Marietta, GA 46'04.75"
Meg Joyce SR South Kingstown, Wakefield, RI 45'11.00"
Daniella Thu JR Monte Vista, Spring Valley, CA 44'00.75"
Molly Hawksley SR East Providence, RI 44'00.25"
Allison Horner FR Lovett, Marietta, GA 42'05.25"
Amanda Kelly SO Cumberland, RI 42'03.50"
Kayla Hines SO Shenendehowa, Clifton Park, NY 42'03.00" I *
Julia Broome SR Classical, Providence, RI 41'06.50" I *
Sineaid Corley SR St. Anthony's, South Huntington, NY 41'04.00" I *
Daria Zivanovic SR St. Dominic Acdy, Jersey City, NJ 41'04.00" I *
Patrice Gates 7th Villa Rica Middle School, GA 41'03.75"
Jessica Irizarry JR Harrison, Kennesaw, GA 41'01.75" *
Amy Mueller SR Shiloh, Liburn, GA 41'01.00"
Jen Krodel SR East Lyme, CT 41'00.25" I
Mary Ellen Horsman SR Barrington, RI 40'06.00" I *
Caely Flynn JR Pilgrim, Warwick, RI 40'05.00" I * F
Kelsey Bishop SR Pilgrim, Warwick, RI 40'05.00"
Simi Solanke SR Classical, Providence, RI 40'04.75" I *
Jazmin McGhee SO Marietta, GA 40'01.50" *
Lauren Chambers 8th Palmer MS, Acworth, GA 39'11.25" *
Amie Mousseau SR Tolman, Pawtucket, RI 39'08.75"
Alyssa Cambareri JR Minisink Valley, Slate Hill, NY 39'04.00" I
Ana Ruiz SO Collins Hill, Suwanee, GA 39'01.75"
Robyn Vespia JR East Greenwich, RI 38'01.75"
Caitlyn Thompson SR Classical, Providence, RI 37'11.00"
Erica Kalber SR Monticello, NY 37'11.00" I
Garynn Jackson SR East Lyme, CT 37'01.75" I
Jessica Gomes SR Classical, Providence, RI 37'01.00"
Pam Wardyga JR Tolman, Pawtucket, RI 36'09.50"
Yvonne Wroblewski JR Archbishop Molloy, Briarwood, NY 36'08.50" I *
Kelly Formoso SR Monroe-Woodbury,Central Valley, NY 36'08.00" I
Megan Ashworth JR Lebanon, NH 36'07.50" I *
Samantha Lonczak SO Pilgrim, Warwick, RI 36'03.75"
Lindsay Pehmoeller JR Arlington, NY 36'03.00" I *
Sarah Waddington SR Westerly, RI 35'10.50"
Kate Ouhrabka JR Toll Gate, Warwick, RI 35'07.75"
Brenda Parker FR Tolman, Pawtucket, RI 35'04.75"
Jenn Fleser SO Toll Gate, Warwick, RI 34'07.50" I *
Brianna Horne SR Coventry, RI 34'06.00" *
Melissa Rocheleau SO Toll Gate, Warwick, RI 33'08.75"
Therese Iacono SO West Warwick, RI 33'04.00"
Erin Greene JR West Warwick, RI 33'03.75"
Stephanie Bucci JR Smithfield, Esmond, RI 32'11.75"
Lisa Traficante SR Cranston West, RI 32'11.00"
Michele Caughard SR Minisink Valley, Slate Hill, NY 32'08.50" I
Caity Baker SO Liberty, NY 32'07.00" I
Stephanie Searles SR Bay View Academy,East Providence, RI 32'05.50"
Ange Markut SR Lancaster, NY 32'01.00" I
Julia Hopson SR Arlington, NY 31'09.00" I *
Gloria Faboyede JR Classical, Providence, RI 31'08.00" I *
Telissa Daniel SO Mt. Pleasant, Providence, RI 31'03.00" *
Emily Settle SO Roy C. Ketcham, Wappingers Falls, NY 31'03.00" I *
Kira Greco SR Williamsville North, NY 31'03.00" I
Robin Callan FR Monroe-Woobbury, central Valley, NY 30'06.00" I
Anika Bedrosian SR Cranston East, RI 30'04.00"
Michaela Murphy SR Smithfield, Esmond, RI 30'02.25"
Kayla Broderick JR East Lyme, CT 30'02.00" I *

F after a distance indicates a correction in spelling of first name.

I after a distance indicates an indoor performance.
All other performances outdoors.

Asterisk after a distance indicates improvement or addition to list.

Cutoff 01-02-05 Updated 01-04-05

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