USATF Junior Olympic Championships (IN)

2005 USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships
July 26-31, 2005
Michael A. Carroll Track & Soccer Stadium (IUPUI) - Indianapolis, Ind.

Men Hammer Throw 6 kg
Meet Record: * 70.70m 7/18/2003 James Steacy -CAN, Barbados
Pan Am Jr: # 70.66m 7/6/2000 Dylan Armstrong - CAN, Flagstaff, A
World Jr: ^ 81.34m 9/2/2001 Krisztian Pars - HUN, Szombathely
Name Year Team Finals Points
1 Kocsor, Boldizsar 86 United States 68.15m
64.94m 68.15m FOUL FOUL 66.57m FOUL
2 Janet Durruty, Roberto 86 Cuba 66.76m
FOUL FOUL 62.63m FOUL 62.23m 66.76m
3 Freeman, John 87 United States 64.58m
FOUL 64.58m 63.52m FOUL 62.70m FOUL
4 Osorio, Gary 86 Peru 63.69m
60.47m 63.69m FOUL FOUL 58.15m FOUL
5 Mendoza, Elier Andres 87 Mexico 60.42m
FOUL 59.71m FOUL 60.42m FOUL FOUL
6 Sawyers, Roberto 86 Costa Rica 59.07m
56.98m FOUL FOUL 57.92m 59.07m 55.59m
7 Eppele, Joe 87 Canada 58.10m
58.10m FOUL FOUL 53.07m 56.02m FOUL
8 Villarreal, Javier 86 Mexico 57.18m
52.09m 55.44m 56.80m FOUL 57.18m 55.55m
-- Steacy, Sean 86 Canada FOUL

Women Hammer Throw
Meet Record: * 58.61m 7/20/2003 Jennifer Dahigren -ARG, Barbados
Pan Am Jr: # 66.34m 6/26/1999 Yipsi Moreno - CUB, Mexico City, Me
World Jr: ^ 73.24m 6/24/2005 Wenxiu Zhang - CHN, Changsha
Name Year Team Finals Points
1 Tondike Santovenia, Aras 86 Cuba 64.80m*
FOUL 62.42m FOUL 64.80m 64.68m FOUL
2 Riley, Brittany 86 United States 59.72m*
57.84m FOUL 55.92m 56.82m 59.72m FOUL
3 Boiselle, Marie-Eve 86 Canada 57.70m
57.16m FOUL FOUL 56.74m FOUL 57.70m
4 Santos de Jesus, Marynna 88 Brazil 56.03m
54.06m 53.17m FOUL 56.03m 52.78m 54.46m
5 Amete, Michelle 86 United States 55.76m
54.27m FOUL 55.76m 53.25m 53.91m 54.79m
6 Kokyayko, Rochelle 87 Canada 55.27m
55.07m 54.64m 53.11m FOUL 52.82m 55.27m
7 Huerta, Aline Viridiana 87 Mexico 47.82m
FOUL 46.65m FOUL FOUL 47.82m FOUL
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