Millrose Games (NY)

Millrose Games Trials	
The Armory, NYC
Wednesday January 11, 2006

Boys 25 LB Weight Throw (non qualifier)

Walter Henning St. Anthony's 79'01.25"
Megerdichain Molloy 59'01.5"
Siliekis Molloy 58'04.25"
Clark St. Anthony's 55'08.25"
Dombroski Molloy 47'03"
Farley Chaminade 46'07.25"
Domurad Forrest Hills 43'08.5"
Secrest St. Joe Sea 33'09.5"
Grant St. Joe Sea 33'09"
sheeran St. Joe Sea 32'03.5"
Chris Acosta John Adam 32'03"
Lewis Molloy 32'01.5"
Jrarong Sy Forrest Hills 30'00"
Solomon Evander Child 29'02.25"
Radman Molloy Foul

Girls 20 LB Weight Throw (non qualifier)

Wroblewski Molloy 43'07.5"
Reyes Molloy 39'02.25"
Kelly Ant. 33'03.25"
Freeland AP Randolph 29'03.25"
Dombroski Molloy 23'08.5"

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