Great Southwest Classic (AZ)

31st Great Southwest Track and Field Classic - 6/3/2006
University of New Mexico Track Stadium Alb NM

Event 4 Boys Hammer Throw
Gr Southwest: + 205-02 1994 James Parker, Salt Lake, UT
HS National: * 253-03 1999 Jacob Freeman, Warwick, RI
Name Year School Seed Finals
1 Nicol, Jacob Suprise, AZ 176-05.00 59.08m 193-10.00
53.08m 59.08m FOUL 55.42m 54.85m FOUL
2 Agoes, Martin Arlington, TX 46.93m 154-00.00
FOUL FOUL 39.13m FOUL 45.79m 46.93m
3 Hall, Spencer Kaysville, UT 46.88m 153-10.00
44.09m FOUL FOUL 46.88m FOUL FOUL
4 Parker, Micah Gilbert, AZ 150-00.00 45.10m 147-11.00
44.68m FOUL FOUL FOUL 44.04m 45.10m
5 Henry, Matt Albuquerque, NM 42.73m 140-02.00
35.00m FOUL FOUL 40.22m 42.73m FOUL
6 Ward, Nick Colwich, KS 144-06.00 41.12m 134-11.00
39.41m FOUL 37.89m 41.12m FOUL 40.57m
7 Harrington, Cameron Albuquerque, NM 34.57m 113-05.00
33.44m 31.33m 34.35m 31.65m 34.57m 33.47m
8 Vanden Heuvel, Zach Reno, NV 130-00.00 33.20m 108-11.00
FOUL 33.20m FOUL FOUL 31.64m FOUL
9 Bruen, Jacob Tolleson, AZ 30.21m 99-01.00
28.99m 30.21m FOUL

Event 5 Girls Hammer Throw
Gr Southwest: + 155-01 2002 Michelle Bowen, Salt Lake City, UT
HS National: * 201-07 1998 Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID
Name Year School Seed Finals
1 MacCorquodale, Emma Nanaimo, Canada 172-00.00 54.84m 179-11.00
51.94m 51.96m 54.84m 52.34m FOUL FOUL
2 Berg, Meagan Phoenix, AZ 160-00.00 51.04m 167-05.00
FOUL FOUL 50.24m FOUL 49.25m 51.04m
3 Whaley, Deezbaa Kayenta, AZ 136-00.00 38.19m 125-03.00
38.19m 36.66m FOUL 35.63m 36.81m 37.67m
4 Prince, Shannon Farmington, UT 35.48m 116-05.00
31.27m 35.48m 31.80m 30.95m 32.72m 33.18m
5 Ferrin, Alayna Farmington, UT 31.42m 103-01.00
29.10m 31.42m 28.50m 26.62m 28.57m FOUL
6 Pryor, Ashley Albuquerque, NM 29.08m 95-05.00
25.43m FOUL 22.53m 25.16m 27.66m 29.08m
7 Henry, Leeza El Paso, TX 110-00.00 28.16m 92-05.00
25.35m FOUL 28.16m FOUL 24.42m 21.73m
8 Bean, Madison Albuquerque 22.68m 74-05.00
22.24m 19.99m FOUL 22.35m 17.33m 22.68m
9 Trlieger, Rebekah Albuquerque 17.73m 58-02.00
17.73m 16.51m 16.43m
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