Nike Outdoor Nationals (NC)

Emily Bernhardt (Lassiter, Marietta, GA) won the women’s competition on her first throw to lead a strong showing of Throw1Deep throwers at this year’s edition of Nike Outdoor Nationals. Bernhardt was followed by fellow Georgians sophomore Allison Horner (Lovett, Marietta, GA), eight-grader Patrice Gates (Villa Rica, GA) and freshman Lauren Chambers (Kell, Marietta, GA). The teammates were the only girls to break 140′ feet at the meet. Bernhardt easily won with a best of 169’00”. All three of her legal throws were over 168 feet.

Walter Henning (St. Anthony’s, South Huntington, NY) handily won the boy’s competition, however, it was not as easy as many thought it would be. After a sector foul and a foot foul, Henning was forced to take an easy throw on his third attempt in order to make finals. The throw landed over 227′ and would have been good enough to win the competition. Henning had better luck in the final and neared his personal best on his last throw with a toss of 247’00”. His final throw also broke the meet record of 242’09” set by national record holder Jacob Freeman in 1999.

Girls Hammer Throw
National: $ 201-07 5/30/1998 Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID
Meet: # 187-10 6/14/1997 Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID
Freshman: 159-09 6/2005 Allison Horner, Lovett, Marietta, GA
Sophomore: 176-00 1999 Kate Johnson, Warwick, RI
Junior: 187-10 1997 Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID
Senior: 201-07 1998 Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID
Name Year School Finals
1 Emily Bernhardt 06 Lassiter HS,Mariett 51.54m 169-01
51.26m FOUL FOUL 51.54m FOUL 51.14m
2 Allison Horner 08 Throw One Deep,Mari 48.29m 158-05
47.64m 47.30m 45.48m FOUL 45.66m 48.29m
3 Patrice Gates 09 Villa Rica HS,Villa 44.97m 147-06
FOUL FOUL 44.97m FOUL 43.79m 41.62m
4 Lauren Chambers 09 Kell HS,Acworth, GA 43.88m 143-11
39.63m 40.37m 41.55m 43.88m 42.52m 42.33m
5 Lindsay Pehmoeller 06 Arlington Throwi,Po 41.93m 137-07
41.93m 38.66m FOUL 41.18m 41.09m 39.23m
6 Emily Pendleton 07 Woodmore,Lindsey, O 41.25m 135-04
36.87m 40.37m 41.25m 40.95m FOUL FOUL
7 Jessica Irizarry 06 Throw One Deep,Acwo 39.91m 130-11
FOUL 36.43m 39.91m 36.57m FOUL FOUL
8 Ciara Taborn 07 St. Peter Chanel,Cl 39.76m 130-05
39.76m FOUL FOUL FOUL FOUL 37.46m
9 Robin Callan 08 Wilson Memoral T,Mo 39.36m 129-02
FOUL 39.36m 39.23m
10 Kristin Smith 06 Throw One Deep,Mari 38.74m 127-01
37.60m 38.74m FOUL
11 Emily Settle 07 Roy C. Ketcham,Wapp 38.41m 126-00
38.41m FOUL 37.83m
12 Ilaria Scott 06 Hendrick Hudson,Mon 37.67m 123-07
31.86m 32.79m 37.67m
13 Kadine Johnson 07 New Rochelle-Grl,Ne 37.51m 123-01
31.81m 37.51m FOUL
14 Brianna Strother 08 St. Peter Chanel,Cl 37.10m 121-09
37.10m 35.11m 34.33m
15 Cynthia Lloyd 07 New Rochelle-Grl,Ne 36.69m 120-04
36.69m 33.65m 36.28m
16 Jennifer Fleser 07 Toll Gate HS,Warwic 36.06m 118-04
36.06m 35.02m FOUL
17 Emily Green 06 Columbus Elite,Colu 32.95m 108-01
FOUL 32.95m FOUL
18 Erin Pendleton 09 Woodmore,Lindsey, O 31.43m 103-01
31.43m 30.70m 28.84m
19 Alexandra Roberts 08 Columbus Elite,Hill 30.86m 101-03
30.86m 30.44m 30.01m
20 Emily Overmyer 07 St. Joseph's HS,Fre 25.35m 83-02
25.35m FOUL 22.39m
-- Jennifer Mack 06 Custer HS,Watertown FOUL
-- Alyssa Cambareri 06 Minisink Valley,Oti FOUL

Boys Hammer Throw
National: $ 253-03 5/29/1999 Jacob Freeman, Bishop Hendricken, RI
Meet: # 242-09 6/13/1999 Jacob Freeman, Bishop Hendricken, RI
Freshman: 201-01 6/4/2006 Conor Mc Cullough, Chaminade,West Hills,CA
Sophomore: 226-06 5/8/2005 Walter Henning, St. Anthony's, S Hnt, NY
Junior: 247-06 6/4/2006 Walter Henning, St. Anthony's,S Hunt,NY
Senior: 253-03 1999 Jacob Freeman, Bishop Hendricken, RI
Name Year School Finals
1 Walter J Henning 07 St. Anthonys HS,Kin 75.28m 247-00
FOUL FOUL 69.24m 72.84m FOUL 75.28m
2 David Schiedt 06 Throw One Deep,Mari 64.85m 212-09
60.50m 63.69m FOUL 64.58m 63.40m 64.85m
3 Michael Zajac 06 EC Glass HS,Lynchbu 63.41m 208-00
61.46m FOUL 60.10m 60.50m 63.41m FOUL
4 Eric Flores 06 Custer HS,Custer, S 62.51m 205-01
61.23m 62.51m 61.54m FOUL FOUL 62.16m
5 Dan Paladino 06 Wilson Memoral T,Mo 60.98m 200-01
58.39m FOUL 57.61m 58.34m 60.98m FOUL
6 Wesley Wright 08 Throw One Deep,Vill 57.70m 189-04
52.89m 57.70m FOUL 54.17m 55.48m FOUL
7 Joseph Tiernan 06 North Kingstown,Nor 57.25m 187-10
54.92m 55.97m 57.25m FOUL 55.34m FOUL
8 Patrick Sampson 07 Bishop Hendricke,Mi 56.71m 186-01
56.16m 56.71m 56.15m FOUL 56.20m 55.68m
9 Craig Pearce 07 Woonsocket HS,Woons 55.68m 182-08
FOUL 55.68m FOUL
10 Ryan Loughney 07 Tri Valley,Grahamsv 55.20m 181-01
55.20m FOUL FOUL
11 Greg Davis 07 Throw One Deep,Peac 55.06m 180-08
FOUL 44.17m 55.06m
12 Matt Megerdichian 06 Archbishop Mollo,Br 54.68m 179-05
54.68m 52.16m 49.07m
13 Cody Cox 07 Throw One Deep,Atla 53.90m 176-10
52.47m 53.90m FOUL
14 Darius Sileikis 06 Archbishop Mollo,Br 53.31m 174-11
53.31m FOUL FOUL
15 Mitchell Gormley 08 Throw One Deep,Lawr 51.41m 168-08
FOUL 51.41m 50.57m
16 Matthew Farley 07 Chaminade HS,Oyster 51.33m 168-05
50.86m 50.14m 51.33m
17 Chip Clark 06 St. Anthonys HS,Bab 48.21m 158-02
48.21m 46.01m FOUL
18 Chris Grey 06 Tri Valley,Grahamsv 47.12m 154-07
FOUL 44.03m 47.12m
19 Charlie Guzman 06 Danbury HS,Danbury, 46.70m 153-02
46.70m FOUL 46.07m
20 Beau Schmookler 06 Throw One Deep,Powd 46.00m 150-11
45.71m 46.00m FOUL
21 Tim Place 07 Bishop Hendricke,Wa 44.81m 147-00
44.79m 44.81m FOUL
22 Nicholas Resendes 08 Bishop Hendricke,Wa 43.41m 142-05
43.41m FOUL FOUL
-- Kyle Galle 06 Bishop Hendricke,Wa FOUL
-- Tim Daly 07 North Kingstown,Sau FOUL
-- William Krokey 07 Woodstock HS,Woodst FOUL
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