USATF Junior Championships (IN)

Nike Outdoor Champions Walter Henning (St. Anthony’s, South Huntington, NY) and Emily Bernhardt (Lassiter, Marietta, GA) won again this weekend at the USATF Junior National Championships. Henning also broke his own national 6kg record by two inches with a throw of 235’00”.

Henning also has qualified for the August’s World Junior Championships in Beijing. The top twoathletes in each event are normally eligible to represent the US, but each athelte must also meet the minimum qualifying standard of 67.50m (6kg) or 60m (16#) for men and 56m (4kg) for women. Neither Bernhardt and runner-up Megan Maloney (University of Oreogn) both have bests just under the standard.

Women Hammer Throw
World: W 73.24m 6/24/2005 Zhang Wenxiu, CHN
American: A 61.44m 5/30/1998 Maureen Griffin, Idaho HS
Meet: M 59.40m 6/23/2000 Carrie Soong, UCLA
Name Year Team Finals
1 Emily Bernhardt Throw 1 Deep 52.49m 172-02
FOUL 48.50m 52.49m 51.53m FOUL FOUL
2 Megan Maloney Oregon 51.87m 170-02
51.63m 50.88m FOUL 51.87m 49.29m FOUL
3 Kimery Hern Georgia Tech 51.67m 169-06
4 Alana Clooten Georgia Tech 51.35m 168-06
50.36m FOUL FOUL 51.35m FOUL FOUL
5 Jere Summers Cal Northridge 51.15m 167-10
48.73m FOUL FOUL 51.15m 50.19m FOUL
6 Allison Horner Throw 1 Deep 49.07m 161-00
48.20m 49.07m 48.87m 47.47m 48.55m FOUL
7 Emily Sanders unattached 48.76m 160-00
47.75m 48.26m 47.00m 48.46m 48.76m FOUL
8 Anna Weber unattached 47.60m 156-02
47.60m FOUL 43.99m 43.50m 42.85m FOUL
9 Michelle Stark Ashland 47.34m 155-04
44.09m FOUL 47.34m
10 Morgan Bogard unattached 46.45m 152-05
44.77m 46.45m 41.78m
11 Meagan Berg unattached 45.83m 150-04
45.83m FOUL FOUL
12 Brittney Borden Appalachian St. 44.44m 145-10
FOUL 44.44m FOUL
-- Arianna Lugo unattached DNS

Men Hammer Throw
World: W 81.34m 9/2/2001 Krisztian Pars, HUN
American: A 71.58m 5/7/2006 Walter Henning, NYHS
Meet: M 71.43m 6/26/2004 Nick Owens, North Carolina
Name Year Team Finals
1 Walter Henning unattached 71.62mA 235-00
69.31m 71.62m 71.33m FOUL 68.59m 68.10m
2 John Freeman unattached 60.92m 199-10
60.09m FOUL 60.92m FOUL 59.88m FOUL
3 Alexander Pessala Princeton 60.60m 198-10
60.24m 59.60m 60.53m 56.38m 60.60m FOUL
4 David Schiedt Throw 1 Deep 60.41m 198-02
57.43m FOUL 58.32m 59.79m FOUL 60.41m
5 Steven Johnson unattached 58.46m 191-09
55.38m 57.66m 55.39m 56.10m 56.56m 58.46m
6 Zack Richards unattached 56.50m 185-04
FOUL 56.04m 55.97m 53.57m 56.50m 51.70m
7 Gregory Davis Throw 1 Deep 55.04m 180-07
55.04m FOUL FOUL FOUL FOUL 49.87m
8 Dominick Gonzalez unattached 53.77m 176-05
53.77m FOUL 48.08m 52.38m FOUL FOUL
9 Wesley Wright Throw 1 Deep 53.35m 175-00
FOUL 53.35m FOUL
10 Matthew Hanley unattached 51.53m 169-01
FOUL 51.53m 49.24m
11 Ryan Loughney unattached 51.45m 168-09
47.65m 49.62m 51.45m
12 John Talbert unattached 49.64m 162-10
FOUL FOUL 49.64m
13 Cody Cox Throw 1 Deep 48.34m 158-07
47.99m 48.34m 44.63m
14 Mitchell Gormley Throw 1 Deep 48.27m 158-04
FOUL FOUL 48.27m
15 William Krokey Throw 1 Deep 48.21m 158-02
FOUL FOUL 48.21m
16 Jacob Nicol unattached 47.26m 155-01
FOUL 47.26m FOUL
-- Zach Berg Clemson FOUL
-- Andrew Hackney Louisville FOUL
-- Dan Sullivan Joe Donahue DNS

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