Golden West Invitational (CA)

Walter Henning dominated the boy’s competition at this year’s Golden West Invitational, but he was not the only one without a good throw. Both Jodan Stray and Trevor Kraychir threw personal best to place second and third respectively. However, the competition was fairly static without many changes in position.

The girl’s competition, on the other hand, was much closer with the top three finishers within five feet of each other. Canadian Emma Maccorquodale won the competition, with Gabby Midles in second and freshman Casey Kraychir placing third.

                   adidas Golden West Invitational - 6/10/2007                   
Folsom High School -Folsom, Ca

Boys Hammer Throw
Name Year School Finals Points
1 WALTER HENNING 12 NY,St. Anthony's Hi 77.48m 254-02
2 JORDAN STRAY 12 WA,Centralia High S 70.07m 229-11
3 TREVOR KRAYCHIR 12 CA,29 Palms 67.59m 221-09
4 ALEXANDER NELSON 12 WA,Evergreen High S 62.10m 203-09
5 TRENT KRAYCHIR 11 CA,29 Palms High Sc 60.68m 199-01
6 RAUL GONZALEZ III 12 CA,Alta Loma High S 57.31m 188-00
7 COLE GIBSON WA,Camas HS 53.24m 174-08

Girls Hammer Throw
Name Year School Finals
1 EMMA MACCORQUODALE 11 BC,Dover Bay Second 52.98m 173-10
2 GARBRIELLA MIDLES 12 WA,Camas high Schoo 52.56m 172-05
3 CASEY KRAYCHIR 9 CA,29 Palms High Sc 51.39m 168-07
4 ARIANNA LUGO 11 CA,Los Altos High s 45.02m 147-08
5 KATIE KRAYCHIR 8 CA,29 Palms High Sc 44.57m 146-03
6 SARA COLE 12 OR,Central High Sch 44.39m 145-08
7 JACQUELYNE LEFFLER 11 KS,Northern Heights 42.94m 140-10
8 MADDY MIDLES 10 WA,Camas High Schoo 42.13m 138-03
9 SARAH GALLAGHER 11 BC,GP Vanier Senior 40.50m 132-1
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