National Scholastic Indoor Championships (NY)

In his first weight throw competition ever, junior Conor McCullough (Chaminade, West Hills, CA) set a new national record in the weight throw on Sunday to win the National Scholastic Indoor Championships. Last season, McCullough ranked second in the hammer throw with a sophomore record toss of 243’11”. Prior to Sunday, McCullough had never thrown a weight in competition. However, that did not stop him from throwing a national record of 87’10.75″. The throw eclipsed Walter Henning’s (St. Anthony’s, South Huntington, NY) national record of 86’05.50″ thrown at the same meet last year. It also broke the north american high school record of 87’05.00″ set by Dylan Armstrong (Kamloops, BC, Canada) set back in 1999. Second place at the competition went to former national leader Wes Wright (Villa Rica, GA).

Victoria Flowers (Classical, Providence, RI) almost made it two national records in one meet. Flowers won the girl’s competition on Sunday morning with a throw that was just 1.5″ off of her own national record. She will end the season as the national record holder and most consistent women’s thrower in high school history. Patrice Gates (Villa Rica, CA) took second, with Lauren Chambers (Kell, Marietta, GA) in third.

              2008 National Scholastic Indoor Championships               
New Balance Track & Field Center, The Armory
New York City - 3/16/2008

Boys Weight Throw
Name Year School Finals
1 McCullough, Conor JR Canoga Park, CA 26.79m 87-10.75
2 Wright, Wesley SR Marietta, GA 22.45m 73-08.00
3 Onye, Patrick SR Providence, RI 20.93m 68-08.00
4 Gormley, Mitchell SR Marietta, GA 20.68m 67-10.25
5 Torrisi, Vincent SR Central Valley, NY 20.15m 66-01.50
6 Filiano, Dominic SO Lebanon, NH 19.54m 64-01.25
7 Faboyede, Joshua JR Providence, RI 19.50m 63-11.75
8 Schwendtner, James SR Clifton Park, NY 19.28m 63-03.25
9 Dunkleberger, Andrew FR Marietta, GA 18.42m 60-05.25
10 Grey, Garrett SR Grahamsville, NY 18.31m 60-01.00
11 Guider, Robert JR Danbury, CT 18.10m 59-04.75
12 Nicoll, Justin SR East Providence, RI 17.92m 58-09.50
13 Taylor, Michael SR Providence, RI 17.90m 58-08.75
14 Linback, David JR Cumberland, RI 17.69m 58-00.50
15 Janes, William JR Newport, RI 17.63m 57-10.25
16 Faldermeyer, Alec SO New Hampton, NY 17.48m 57-04.25
17 Palmer, Evan JR Clifton Park, NY 17.46m 57-03.50
18 Freberg, Miles JR Marietta, GA 17.41m 57-01.50
19 Resendes, Nicholas SR Warwick, RI 17.23m 56-06.50
20 Days, Jeremy JR New Rochelle, NY 17.16m 56-03.75
21 Gross, David SR brockport, NY 16.90m 55-05.50
22 Fraker, Davis SO Marietta, GA 16.52m 54-02.50
23 Anderson, Braydon SR Marietta, GA 16.30m 53-05.75
24 Johnson, Troy SR Kingston, NY 16.03m 52-07.25
25 Morris, David RI, RI 15.40m 50-06.25
26 Morris, Michael SR East Greenwich, RI 15.38m 50-05.50
27 Fiedler, Bob JR Grahamsville, NY 15.36m 50-04.75
28 Zieglebauer, Tom SR Washingtonville, NY 15.12m 49-07.25
29 Foster, Jeffrey SR East Lyme, CT 14.93m 48-11.75
30 Brooks, Aaron SR Hyattsville, MD 14.84m 48-08.25
31 Albrecht, Kyle JR Poughquag, NY 14.80m 48-06.75
32 Salzano, Matthew SR Boone, NC 14.62m 47-11.75
33 Phok, Tim SO Providence, RI 14.55m 47-09.00
34 Kahn, Tanzeel SR Grahamsville, NY 14.48m 47-06.25
35 Thomas, Cory SR Corning, NY 14.47m 47-05.75
36 Lewis, Steve JR Queens, NY 14.28m 46-10.25
37 Myers, Jeff SR Providence, RI 14.20m 46-07.25
37 Wynne, Ted JR Lincoln, RI 14.20m 46-07.25
39 Brentnall, Edward FR Marietta, GA 14.13m 46-04.25
40 Blosser, Justin JR Marietta, GA 14.08m 46-02.50
41 Bourque, Brian SR New Rochelle, NY 13.90m 45-07.25
41 Claypool, Josiah SR Rome, NY 13.90m 45-07.25
43 Porter, Jonathan SO Marietta, GA 13.84m 45-05.00
44 Franks, Tony JR Ballston Spa, NY 13.31m 43-08.00
45 Gaiten, Enrique FR Marietta, GA 13.14m 43-01.50

Girls Weight Throw
Name Year School Finals
1 Flowers, Victoria SR Providence, RI 18.91m 62-00.50
2 Gates, Patrice SO Marietta, GA 17.65m 57-11.00
3 Chambers, Lauren JR Marietta, GA 17.29m 56-08.75
4 Horner, Allison SR Marietta, GA 16.62m 54-06.50
5 Kurzdorfer, Melissa A SO Lancaster, NY 16.55m 54-03.75
6 Waheed, Tope SR East Providence, RI 15.78m 51-09.25
7 Carrecker, Skylar SR Marietta, GA 15.25m 50-00.50
8 Henning, Karen SO Kings Park, NY 15.12m 49-07.25
9 Pehmoeller, Alyssa SR Poughquag, NY 14.82m 48-07.50
10 Jordan, Caitlin JR Marietta, GA 14.33m 47-00.25
11 Callan, Robin SR Central Valley, NY 14.00m 45-11.25
12 McGovern, Meaghan SR North Kingstown, RI 13.94m 45-09.00
13 Barboza, Lili SR Marietta, GA 13.57m 44-06.25
14 Renker, Nina JR Mineola, NY 13.48m 44-02.75
15 Westover, Julia JR Lebanon, NH 13.18m 43-03.00
16 Barkley, Kolletee SR Providence, RI 12.78m 41-11.25
17 Balogun, Bidemi SR Providence, RI 12.76m 41-10.50
18 Stowers, Kathryn JR Providence, RI 12.64m 41-05.75
19 Radford, Breanna JR Marietta, GA 12.38m 40-07.50
20 Sullivan, Anne SR Providence, RI 12.15m 39-10.50
21 Fisher, Symmone SR Coram, NY 12.05m 39-06.50
22 John, Christina SR Marietta, GA 11.69m 38-04.25
23 Valentine, Kellie SR West Lebanon, NH 11.66m 38-03.25
24 Nepshinsky, Megan SR West Kingstown, RI 11.61m 38-01.25
25 Lyon, Alyssa SR New Rochelle, NY 11.57m 37-11.50
26 Pope, Charlotte SR New Rochelle, NY 11.56m 37-11.25
27 Miller, Erin JR Lockport, NY 11.40m 37-05.00
28 Onye, Angela SO Providence, RI 11.26m 36-11.50
29 Aubin, Casey SR Providence, RI 11.18m 36-08.25
30 Fannon, Megan JR Marietta, GA 11.13m 36-06.25
31 Rhodes, Tekesha SR Providence, RI 10.98m 36-00.25
32 Jones, Amber FR Providence, RI 10.58m 34-08.50
33 Bonilla, Nicole JR Queens, NY 10.52m 34-06.25
34 Becker, Eileen SR Oakland, NJ 10.35m 33-11.50
35 Asaro, Elizabeth SR Wettown, NY 10.29m 33-09.25
35 Renggli, Paulina SR Eldred, NY 10.29m 33-09.25
37 Wahls, Kathryn JR Spencerport, NY 10.25m 33-07.50
38 Rinehart, Gabriella SR Norristown, PA 10.20m 33-05.75
39 Lauro, Katherine SO Providence, RI 9.78m 32-01.00
40 Beckley, Meaghan JR Poughquag, NY 9.65m 31-08.00
41 Gehlbach, Johanna SR North Hartland, VT 8.91m 29-02.75
42 talbert, cassandra SR plainfield, NH 8.79m 28-10.25
43 Hoover, Kristine SO Poughquag, NY 8.77m 28-09.25
44 Martinez, Andrea SO Queens, NY 8.49m 27-10.25
45 Leo, Jeanette SO Providence, RI 7.35m 24-01.50
-- Dishong, Claire JR Hamlin, NY FOUL
-- Anderson, Ketrina SO New Rochelle, NY FOUL
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