Weightarama 2008 (RI)

Patrick Onye (Classical, Providence, RI ) set a new meet record at Weightarama 2008 this past weekend. Onye was just inches away from setting a new personal best and easily won the boy’s competition. Mike Gama (Bishop Hendricken, Warwick, RI) placed second with an impressive three foot personal best. Not only did Gama move up to third on the national list, he also eclipsed 70 feet for the first time.

Victoria Flowers (Classical, Providence, RI) was also in good form once again. She won the competition by over seven feet with a toss of 59’04.00″, which also set a meet record. Bethany Karter-O’Brien (Waterville, ME) also set a big personal best for second place.

In the boy’s 35-pound weight throw, yet another meet record was set by Patrick Onye. This time, Onye surpassed his own record set last year. He ended up setting a new personal best of 58’08.50″.

Weightarama 2008
Brown University, Olney-Margolies Athletic Center
Providence, RI
Sunday, March 9, 2008

1 Onye, Patrick Providence, RI 22.64m 74’03.50″ A
2 Gama, Mike Wakefield, RI 21.35m 70’00.50″
3 Gormley, Mitchell Lawrenceville, GA 20.48m 67’02.25″
4 Faboyede, Josh Providence, RI 19.05m 62’06.00″
5 Resendes, Nick Warwick, RI 18.86m 61’10.50″
6 Taylor, Mike Providence, RI 18.17m 59’07.50″
7 Faldermeyer, Alec New Hampton, NY 17.64m 57’10.50″
8 Linback, David Cumberland, RI 17.52m 57’05.75″
9 Guider, Robert Danbury, CT 16.84m 55’03.00″
10 Conklin, Mark Warwick, RI 16.82m 55’02.25″
11 Cullion, Lee East Greenwich, RI 15.96m 52’04.50″
12 Foster, Jeff East Lyme, CT 15.89m 52’01.75″
13 Grasso, Vinny Wakefield, RI 15.47m 50’09.25″
14 Gaul, Nate Portsmouth, RI 15.29m 50’02.00″
15 Wyne, Ted Lincoln, RI 15.27m 50’01.25″
16 Myers, Jeff Providence, RI 14.68m 48’02.00″
17 Phok, Tim Providence, RI 14.21m 46’07.50″
18 Maloof, Michael Warwick, RI 13.92m 45’08.00″
19 Steele, Remy Barrington, RI 13.03m 42’09.00″
20 Carle, Shane Jackson, NJ 11.25m 36’11.00″
Morris, Mike East Greenwich, RI Foul Foul
Nicoll, Justin East Providence, RI Foul Foul
A New meet record.
Old record 22.54m (73’11.50″) John-Paul Smolenski (New Hyde Park, NY) – 2001.
1 Flowers, Victoria Providence, RI 18.08m 59’04.00″ B
2 Karter-O’Brien, Bethany Waterville, ME 15.92m 52’02.75″
3 Waheed, Tope East Providence, RI 14.76m 48’05.25″
4 Callan, Robin Monroe, NY 14.27m 46’10.00″
5 Heinl, Nicole Barrington, RI 13.73m 45’00.50″
6 Watt, Shannon Jackson, NJ 13.56m 44’06.00″
7 Clasen, Ashley Shoreham, NY 13.34m 43’09.25″
8 Balogun, Bidemi Providence, RI 12.91m 42’04.25″
9 Stowers, Lee Warwick, RI 12.71m 41’08.50″
10 Nepshinsky, Meg West Kingston, RI 11.81m 38’09.00″
11 Sullivan, Anne Providence, RI 11.35m 37’03.00″
12 Walker, Ashley Bloomfield, CT 11.29m 37’00.50″
13 Jones, Amber Providence, RI 11.23m 36’10.25″
14 Procopio, Ali Warwick, RI 11.20m 36’09.00″
15 Turenne, Jerilynn West Warwick, RI 11.14m 36’06.75″
16 McFetters, Robyn Barrington, RI 10.89m 35’08.75″
17 Mason, Alyson Salem, CT 10.74m 35’03.00″
18 Mulligan, Tara Monroe, NY 9.82m 32’02.75″
19 Asaro, Elizabeth Westtown, NY 9.73m 31’11.25″
20 Ayers, Brianna Niantic, CT 9.67m 31’08.75″
21 Onye, Angela Providence, RI 8.96m 29’04.75″
22 Sampson, Claire Middletown, RI 8.75m 28’08.50″
23 Foster, Karina Bloomfield, CT 8.57m 28’01.50″
24 Purvis, Leona Niantic, CT 8.05m 26’05.00″
25 Lopriore, Brittany Niantic, CT 7.80m 25’07.25″
26 Klee, Christina Wakefield, RI 7.57m 24’10.00″
Barclay, Kollette Providence, RI Foul Foul
B New meet record.
Old record – 17.31m (56’09.50″) – Laura Gerraughty (Nashua, NH) – 2001.
1 Onye, Patrick Providence, RI 17.89m 58’08.50″ C
2 Gama, Mike Wakefield, RI 16.09m 52’09.50″
3 Gormley, Mitchell Lawrenceville, GA 15.65m 51’04.25″
4 Resendes, Nick Warwick, RI 14.02m 46’00.00″
5 Nicoll, Justin East Providence, RI 13.62m 44’08.25″
6 Taylor, Mike Providence, RI 12.83m 42’01.25″
7 Morris, Mike East Greenwich, RI 12.66m 41’06.50″
8 Grasso, Vinny Wakefield, RI 11.90m 39’00.50″
C New meet record.
Old record – 16.49m (54’08.25″) – Patrick Onye – 2007.
Metric to Imperial conversions done with T&F News’ the “Big Green Book”.


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