Junior Olympic National Championships (NE)

Freshman Bradley Bolton (El Toro, Lake Forest, CA) improved his personal best by over ten feet to set a new meet record on Tuesday at the Junior Olympic National Championships. Bolton, competing in the Intermediate Boys division, easily won with a throw of 63.73m (209’01”). A.J. Guerrer (Woodstock Academy, CT) also threw a personal best of 58.59m (192’03”) to take second place in that division.

Winners of the other divisions were Justin Welch (Eastwood, Pemberville, OH) in the Young Mens division, Ashley Clasen (Shoreham-Wading River, Shoreham, NY) in the Young Womens division, and Shana Flanary (Carleton Airport, Carleton, MI) in the Intermediate Girls division. Clasen also set a new personal best en route to the win.

2008 USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships
July 22-27, 2008
Burke High School - Omaha, Neb.

Hammer Throw Young Men
Nat'l Youth: N 67.64m 7/28/2007 Jordan Stray, 13 Unattached
JO Meet: J 67.64m 7/28/2007 Jordan Stray, 13 Unattached
Name Year Team Finals
1 Justin Welch Unattached Ohio 59.41m
2 Anthony Hernandez OH, OH 57.63m
3 Miles Freberg Marietta, GA 54.93m
4 Brett Ramirez Unattached Illinois 52.99m
5 Marcus Adame-Hill Hacienda Heights, C 52.68m
6 Cody Bahrke Neola, IA 51.70m
7 Bradley Lindholme Weaverville, NC 50.13m
8 Quinn Dawson Unattached Michigan 49.33m
9 Mark Passine Let It Fly Throwing 48.24m
10 Robert Kennedy Newark, DE 47.72m
11 Andrew Burkhart W W Track Club 47.62m
12 Michael Cartwright Unattached Arizona 46.96m
13 Nathan Wichert Unatt Wisconsin 45.78m
14 Mike Salley Unattached Arizona 43.88m
15 Bradley Foote Unattached Illinois 40.60m
16 Donovan Buttram auburn, CA 37.56m
17 Anthony Mangino auburn, CA 33.87m
18 C.J. Lehnherr Holton, KS 27.08m
19 Dillon Bonnet Houston, TX 25.33m
-- Jace Wilemon Hoover Parks and FOUL
-- Ryan Hawley Omaha, NE FOUL
-- Matthew Post Rocklin, CA FOUL

Hammer Throw Intermediate Boys
Nat'l Youth: N 72.53m 7/3/2007 Conor McCullough, Unattached
JO Meet: J 60.27m 2005 Walter Henning, Unattached
Name Year Team Finals
1 Bradley Bolton Aliso Viejo, CA 63.73mJ
2 A.J. Guerra 05 Unatt CT 58.59m
3 Davis Fraker Peachtree City, GA 52.41m
4 Matthew Lloyd Unatt Pacific NW 50.92m
5 Edward Brentnall Atlanta, GA 47.17m
6 Brian Duncan Brumley 46.81m
7 Drew Staskiewicz Omaha, NE 46.14m
8 Joshua Ballenger OH, OH 43.57m
9 Kevin Drwal Omaha, NE 38.44m
10 Robert Dunn Unatt Mo Valley 37.43m
11 Christian Swate San Antonio, TX 33.73m
12 Joshua Meeker Omaha, NE 33.27m
13 Zacary Post rocklin, CA 32.18m

Hammer Throw Young Women
Nat'l Youth: N 49.60m 7/29/2006 Gabriella Midles, 13 Camas H
JO Meet: J 49.60m 7/29/2006 Gabriella Midles, 13 Camas H
Name Year Team Finals
1 Ashley Clasen 59 Unatt LI 44.42m
2 Katherine Bragg Peachtree City, GA 40.09m
3 Breanna Radford Alpharetta, GA 39.23m
4 Katie Finck Let It Fly Throwing 38.26m
5 Amber Lutmer Omaha, NE 36.47m
6 Victoria Tench Sewell, NJ 35.47m
7 Jillian Rushin Jackson 35.25m
8 Courtney Atkinson Omaha, NE 34.58m
9 Brittany Myers Sublimity, OR 33.83m
10 Emily Keene Let It Fly Throwing 31.34m
11 Jessie Gerdes Dallas, OR 31.23m
12 Jessica Bell Clackamas, OR 31.21m
13 Molly Pengilly Omaha, NE 30.79m
14 Alix Richards Unatt Mo Valley 30.56m
15 Chelsea Hedenland grass valley, CA 30.06m
16 Jennifer Goss Peak Performance TC 27.50m
17 Evalina Baker missouri city, TX 26.60m
18 Kalie Rover Houston, TX 25.33m
19 Ashley Parker missouri city, TX 22.05m
20 Gabrielle Menser Unattached Oklahoma 21.80m
-- Krystle Howard Let It Fly Throwing FOUL

Hammer Throw Intermediate Girls
Nat'l Youth: N 46.84m 7/28/2007 Lauren Chamers, 45 Throw 1 D
JO Meet: J 46.84m 7/28/2007 Lauren Chamers, 45 Throw 1 D
Name Year Team Finals
1 Shana Flanary Unattached Michigan 41.41m
2 Sally Marie Futch Statesboro, GA 40.60m
3 McKenzie Warren Boring, OR 35.72m
4 Sequoia Watkins Asheville, NC 34.78m
5 Avione Allgood PS Vegas Flyers 34.73m
6 Taylor Barton Let It Fly Throwing 33.48m
7 Korbin Richards Overland Park, KS 30.07m
8 Gabrielle Galvan Lockhart, TX 29.67m
9 Molly Cook Hoover Parks and 26.33m
10 Jennifer Milroy Huskie TC 24.51m
11 Jamesse Evans Do Right 22.74m
12 Julie Pengilly Omaha, NE 21.19m
13 Melissa Manning cool, CA 19.31m
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