Well, the training must continue!

This past season was full of ups and downs. The start of the season provided some bad happenings in my personal life and this seemed to put a strain on the rest of the season. After starting my season off the right way, I started to tinker with my training and technique. I had a plan and then decided to go away from it. Nearing the trials, I was plagued with lots of bad luck and injuries. Over the last 16 days of preparation, everything started to go wrong. Sickness, muscular injuries, nerve injuries and even none throwing related injuries! After all of this, I can say that I was prepared for the trials about 5-6 weeks after it was over. Obviously this is far too late. I made lots of mistakes in my training this past year and I didn’t stay with my plan throughout the rough times. My goal is for this year to be more productive in the areas of therapy, injury prevention and fitness. If 90% is done correctly, I will start living up to my potential as a discus thrower. This is something that I have yet to accomplish. I would love to throw over 70m one day, but more than that, I would like to be a world level finalist.

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