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I started a new program a couple days ago and it’s pretty BA. For those who aren’t aware, Dr. B is in to the transfer of speed and power from the light and heavy implements into our competition weights. He achieves this by designing programs that are more special strength based and when that program ends the speed emphasis comes. Then it all meshes magically and the heavens open up, yada, yada, yada. This is how we grow. I get better every program. It’s crazy smart. My training partners have informed me that they think this is one of the harder programs that he has written for any one of us. (all of our programs here are individualized). I gotta grit my teeth and giv’r, but I’m glad he feels I can handle it. I was pretty sore and stiff for a couple days, but it’s all good now. I’ve got lots of heavy implements and special strength stuff to make me “strong boy”. Crystal told Bizzle the other day that she thinks I’m going to throw well this season and he smiles and says “Yes! I think. Good speed, good technique.” Now if that’s not just the best damn thing your coach can ever say to you! He made a tweak to my entry this week and It’s going very well so far. It’s provided more of an orbit where I can physically affect the hammer by pushing. Which as we know is a great thing. Holla!


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  1. Jon Kalnas
    Jon Kalnas says:

    How is the throwing coming along? Have you begun to addapt to Dr. B’s Training philosophies? I have been doing it for 2 years now and taking alot of notes on how my body reacts. So this year we are implementing the data into the competition schedule to see if it will be as consistant as the past year. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Tom Sroka
    Tom Sroka says:

    Kibwe, first I am a fan of yours and am glad you have a site i can follow you on. Second I have been reading a ton of stuff on Dr. B’s training and I was wondering what specific strength exercises you do.

  3. Kibwe
    Kibwe says:

    As far as specific strength exercises go, lots of times it’s as simple as wind and releases with a hammer for sets. For more specific things we have done, you can check out Martin’s blog where he talked about SS. Keep in mind, this is a simple concept to Dr. B as well. The variety isn’t as much as some might think. It’s the quantity. I do something SS for sets every training session, so 10 times a week. Hope that helps!



    Training is coming along very well. I’m very happy with my decision. When we got here Dr. B said it would take a year for us to adapt to the regiment of 10 sessions a week and everything else. Little did I know he was completely serious! I figured I would still have decent marks and this year would be my jump. Well, my season went exactly how he said it would. And I began to finally adapt pretty much a year to the day when he said I would. It’s uncanny. I take notes on my body reactions too so that’s the right idea. Bummer about Millrose, dude!

    Good luck to you both this season!


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