March Training Update and Manure

The last few weeks before moving outside, my technique progressed very well. Everything gets easier and my special strength continues to grow. Dr. B has generally come down pretty hard on me for my entry the last few months, but more on that later. Last week in training, I set personal bests everyday. Great news.


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8 replies
  1. Martin
    Martin says:

    I’m glad the French meet happened to be on Sunday. I’ll take jet lag over manure soreness any day.

    Maynard was over there this year and is talking about starting an Americas Winter Throwing Championship next year down in southern California. It would probably be the same weekend next year.

  2. jake
    jake says:

    do you guys use a special glove when using the 9 and 10k hammers or just tape up your fingers?

    are you only throwing the heavy hammers right now or do you do light hammer work?

    how many throws do you take per session and per week on average?

    thanks, good luck this season

    • Kibwe
      Kibwe says:

      Dr. B makes a special glove for our shot putters. When I first arrived, the hammer throwers threw with pieces of cardboard. I didn’t think I needed anything and within 2 weeks my hands were screaming! I didn’t think a piece of cardboard would do anything for me so I improvised and cut the end off of some inserts from other throwing shoes (usually Nike). It’s a comfortable little pad and my hands don’t hate me. That’s what you saw flying upon release in my 10kg video.

      Our programs will vary between heavy and light together, only light, or only heavy. My programs usually last 3-6 weeks. But some of our guys have been longer.

      I have 10 training sessions per week and take between 12-22 throws a session If I averaged the year, it would probably be 190-210

  3. Robert Willmott
    Robert Willmott says:

    I was wondering if you had a sense of what reasons Coach B has someone move from a 3 turn to a 4 turn. What would be a good metric to help decide when to move an athlete from one to the other?

    Two weeks after I started in the mid 90s, I went to a clinic with Sedyhk, and went to a clinic a year for the next 3 years. His form and sayings are still vivid in my mind. My comfort zone for knowledge in training my current athletes are based on the model of his form. Not because he is the record holder. But becasue it made sense to me. I “feel” the accelleration top off at 3 turns. I have tried various starts, and the way he started, from the position of the hammer behind the right foot, picking up and winding far out to the left, “feels” the most natural to me.

    But I would like to further my understanding as to what would be some reasons from switching from a 3 turn to a 4 turn, or even from doing 2 winds to 3 winds. Is it all about form over function, or just what ever it takes to throw it a certain distance? 85-90% of maximum.

    Any help in cracking the code to this mind puzzle would be wonderful.

    Keep up the great work and good luck,

    • Kibwe
      Kibwe says:

      Moving an athlete from 3 to 4 turns seems to be a lot more simple for Dr. B than I thought it would be. Everyone is different and it is about finding what works best for the athlete. For instance, I have heard both Dr. B and Youri respond to the question “Why not do 4 turns?” The answer is he threw pretty much the same distance with either technique, so there is no sense in throwing in another turn where something could go wrong. so the answer I guess is finding what works for the athlete and experimenting a bit.

      Dr. B would tell you to experiment with all queries regarding how many winds, turns, where to position feet, et al. No one here does 3 winds. The theory behind it makes sense I guess. But it comes down to if you can do it with less turns or winds, that is the most obvious and efficient route to take. Whatever produces the best hammer feeling, is what you want to do. The best hammer feeling comes from the hammer doing all the work as you push it. Push vs. pull is like birthday cake vs. brussel sprouts. The feeling couldn’t be more different.

      I hope I was of some assistance!

  4. wtf
    wtf says:

    Hey man, great following what you are doing, thanks for the updates. Anyway Rob Roeder (he lives down the street from me) was making my gloves a couple years ago and he would make them all really thin for meets, but in training I threw with one that was thicker. I think Kangaroo hide. Anyway he keeps a lot of different leathers on hand for different gloves and pretty much only sells the Elk hide ones. If you need anything thick or thin let me know and I will have him make you one.

    I hope all is well.

  5. jake
    jake says:

    how do you guys manage to find the energy to lift with all the throwing? i havent built up to the volume you are at but I took around 90-100 throws last week and my body is having a rough time finding the energy to throw let alone lift. my best is 60 and 54-56 is a max throw right about now. did you guys just push through the lifting and practices knowing that the nervous system was shot and the goal wasn’t for last season it was for the future?


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