Heading to Europe

I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading this week for a few months. I’ve spent the first few days of the week packing up my apartment in Kamloops. This afternoon I’ll be heading back to Seattle, where I will spend tomorrow packing my bags for Europe before leaving on Friday morning for three months in Zürich. It feels exhausting just writing that sentence. While it will be rough to be away from my family, girlfriend, coach, and training partners, it will be nice to once again have an income and have a good training base for the European part of my season.

Training has been going very well. And by “well” I mean both my technique and strength are near their all-time bests and I’m still in the middle of hard training. Or, as Dr. B puts it: “Good result, bad state.” On Monday I actually threw further in training than I did right before I threw my personal best (you can see a video below). I’m don’t ever throw far in training, so my results have been very encouraging. I can’t wait to compete against some of the world’s best in the coming months. In the meantime, my posts on this site and my other sites (CollegeHammer.com and HSHammer.com) may be intermittent until I get accustomed to my new surroundings. I will, however, always keep you up to date on my meet results and will also have a great post up very soon providing a one-month training log showing exactly what my training looks like every day.


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  1. Zach
    Zach says:

    There’s a professor of spine mechanics at the university of Waterloo, CA who is world class. His focus is all about sports function and has worked with a lot of elite athletes including throwers. Check out his articles and interview at http://backfitpro.com/ I have the Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance book and it is really practical. Good luck!


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